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Get ready to clutch your pearls -- Alexa Ray Corriea of DualShockers reviews SoulCalibur V and finds... a lot of things.

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MWH2362d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

veteran Soul players will not feel at home in V. i'm very sorry to say but Namco made this game for the younger generation of gamers who prefers fast blinding action over skill and technique.

honestly i can't blame them but i wish they made something for both worlds.

i'm not against change, but i'm against screwing things up for no reason. when i first heard the new Announcer's voice i swear to god i was smiling with excitment suddenly and spontaneous the smile was wiped and i felt something was not going to be right, then the sound and feel of the weapon hit just for a start... nah, i'm not going through this sad shit, you go try it yourself, you may like it or you may not. lucky if you do.

h311rais3r2361d ago

So then why don't you go back to the first one if your so distraught. Seriously it has every core element from the past games. And I own it and don't see a single issue with anything you pointed out.

MWH2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

i'm not going to disagree with you, it's good for you that liked it but please, for the argument's sake buddy, don't say meaningless things about going back.

i've been an avid player of the series since its debut in the arcades in a time most gamers were obsessed with tekken, mortal kombat, even marvel superheroes and very few even considered what was going to become a genre staple.

with all due respect, i know what i'm talking about, i can assure you true veterans knows what i'm talking about and i can assure you i don't need you nor anybody else to tell us otherwise.

serious changes has been done - period. some likes, some dont'.

me, i'm going back to IV.. see, perhaps your words weren't too meaningless after all.

another sad day in the game's history.
kind regards,