New Final Fantasy XIII/versus extended trailers

Here are the new awesome final fantasy XIII/versus trailers
Look at for an update when there is higher quality version available.


Good News!

Links for High Quality FF XIII Trailers! (versus) (XIII)

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shysun3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )


Sevir043869d ago

my word that was awesome, Tetsuya Nomura Knows his keyboard. the battle sequences for versus looks amazing the teleporting and usage of sword combat envokes an amazing power of sadness and dismay. my gosh it looks great, and while versus is CGI he said the game will be completely represntive of how dark the game looks... man i'm even more phsyced for the versus tahn i am for FFXIII. it's a wonder why people are so impressed everytime they see a new versus and has it hyped more than FFXIII...

DAYUM that was hot...

and Dont even get me started on the fraking FFXIII, those ingame sequenses look amazing. i cant wait for this game the first of the double wami from square...

Notice TheMart @

the BIG and i mean BIG "FOR PLAYSTATION 3"

Maddens Raiders3869d ago

there os nothing else like this anywhere to date. If this lives up to it's billing which I have no doubt it will - these games could just make the comepetition an *absolute afterthought hardware wise. Think - Long term. WOW just WOW

Lord_Mike3869d ago

Versus looks to be a much more "fun" version I'd say. Anyhow I'm getting both

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conjurdevil3870d ago

versus XIII looks insaneeee gameplay wise !!!

mesh13870d ago

hahahahahahah RIGTH like uv seen any real game play footage to make that brain dead statement. we see another brain dead cgi trailers with no gameplay at all but i applaud their skill in making a good traile rwhich it was ,i know the game will be ok not speacial but ok as the later ff series have been average with the maker of ff aboard.

shysun3869d ago

Mesh... FF12 is AAA and so will FF13/FFVS 13!!Square still has it. ;)

Topshelfcheese3869d ago

There is gameplay footage in the FF13 trailer were Lightning is showing combat, those parts where the damage pops up over the enemies heads is in-game graphics, the fact that your brain can't register that is amazing. If you don't like FF games, thats one thing, but to make retarded comments only makes you look ignorant.

PS3PCFTW3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )


from 0.00.47 to about te 58th second of first vid its gameplay.......
download vlc, set parameters for your screen/hardware and amaze yourselves.

and yes that does look like cloud in the end......those boots are a tell tale sign.


hokis4ever3869d ago

did you even watch the video? Dumbass...

Coffin873869d ago

the links don't work.
this goddamn site sucks ASS.

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Lumbo3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Lets pray for some HD sources ... SOON.

PS: if you title your contribution with FF13, the story link should point to the FF13 vid, and the versus vid link would belong into the alternativ e sources, imho

whateva3870d ago

and you can get any youtube video you want in any format