Hopes high for strong gaming year in 2012

Badgerherald: Blizzard Games will rear its mighty head this year as it will finally continue its hugely popular and HIGHLY addicting Diablo series with the release of “Diablo 3.” It’s been more than 10 years since the release of the Lord of Destruction expansion pack to “Diablo 2,” and yet hundreds of thousands of diehard fans, including myself, still occupy its Battlenet servers, hunting for loot and fighting ubers until the hell cows come home.

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Fullmetalevolust2275d ago

Ah, I see a different set of boobs to get people's attention, well played! lol

Lord_Sloth2275d ago

Actually, those are moobs.

wenaldy2275d ago

I came here because of the pic..

rattletop2275d ago

lets see if this hits 500 deg.

ATi_Elite2275d ago

"Get to the Choppah"

"Come on, do it, do it Now"

CrimsonEngage2275d ago

So far this strong gaming year has been in a drought. There are absolutely NO good games coming out from now until E3 that peak my interest except for Mass Effect 3.