Battlefield 3 – MAV Exploit to To Be Patched, Missing B2K Vehicles

MP1st - Battlefield 3′s Gameplay Designers, Gustav Halling and Alan Kertz talk MAV exploits and the differences between BF2 versions of the Back to Karkand Maps and their BF3 counter-parts.

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FlareDReborn2221d ago

Cannot wait for patch. Body is ready.

dantesparda2220d ago

Im confused? are these updates/patches for the PC version only cuz i think there's only been one update for the PS3 version?

InLaLaLand2220d ago

The PC version is always getting a patch every two weeks I think. I own the PS3 version and yes the PS3 version has only had two updates (the first update was around 200mb at launch).

DICE or people on the battlelog forums are always saying that the updates for PS3/360 take 3 weeks of Q & A. I've seen more news on a lot of updates for MW3 compared to BF3.

dantesparda2220d ago

Thanks for the reply, helped to clear up the picture some more

scrambles2221d ago

Well i guess there'll b less recon hiding up top in Oman.

PPTouch2221d ago


Zachmo1822221d ago

Yes finally!!! The mav has basically ruined the Xbox version since you almost every round 95% of the people are camping on top of buildings.

SITH2221d ago

I don't care about the Mav exploit. If it stays or goes, it doesn't bother me. All the people using it too my knowledge were still able to be killed.

Yi-Long2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

They are usually stupid enough to also place a spawn-point up there, at which point you'll have 3 or 4 of them up on 1 roof trying to snipe, but instead being easy targets.

I actually love having them up there. They can't grab any flags, and you can just shoot them off with tanks, rockets, or snipers. Bad tactics by them. Just keep it in and enjoy watching them selfdestruct.

I'm much more upset about the lack of proper 'Battlefield' maps in the game, instead giving us small maps like Metro, Crossing the Seine, etc etc, just suited for frag-fests. Horrible.

Tagcollector72221d ago

Im ready for a usas 12 frag nerf and taking repair tool out of helicopter cockpits

ElliePage2221d ago

The MAV exploit was fun to use though. I hope they still allow the MAV to roadkill people though.

cyborg69712220d ago

The road kills are bullshit. Just another noob tool for those who can't kill with a gun.

BraveToaster2220d ago

Have you even tried to kill anyone with the MAV? It's harder than to kill someone with a gun... Also if you manage to get killed by the MAV you must be retarded or deaf

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The story is too old to be commented.