New Bionic Commando trailer and screens

Capcom has released a new Bionic Commando trailer and some new screenshots.

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games4fun3541d ago

but i have to say it looks pretty solid and not only that i will finally have the power of scorpion ill just say get over here myself :) lol

the only gripe i have about the game is it seems way to easy to kill people and they dont present much of a challenge in terms of the damage they inflict

Radiomorph3541d ago

This would be great on Wii. :)

SIX3541d ago

It would be great on the wii. In fact, I think Capcom messed up. They should have made this on wii and kept Monster Hunter on PS3. Control wise, it makes more sense.

Silver Bull3t3541d ago

The red trail from his arm LED is distracting...

Sevir043541d ago

this game looks amazing graphically and the physics, look great, but whats disapointing is the enemie count. i'm only seeing 1 enemy at a time on screen. it looks lacluster in terms of action. which has me hoping that near release they will make this game more intense.

BubblesDAVERAGE3541d ago

I agree screw this game I wanted Monster Hunter. I love the psp game and the ps2 game and it was one of the reasons I bought a ps3 for the next genn Monster Hunter which makes me hate capcom......Power Stone (ps3) will make me love them again

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The story is too old to be commented.