Complex GT5 Bug Causes Problems for Online Racers

A curious, complex bug plagues online races in Gran Turismo 5 with more than 12 participants.

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remanutd552226d ago

man did you guys see how good the GT academy guys did in Dubai 24 hours race last weekend ? freaking amazing !!!! from ps3 gamers to professional racing drivers taking podium on Dubai 24 H ? man those guys are living the time of their lives !!!!

2226d ago
Dee_912226d ago

I guess il be the only one on topic today.
I dont use online much but I rarely have issues when I do get online.Maybe if I get online more I would see the issues.

Hicken2226d ago

I haven't been online with the game since about November, but I can't recall experiencing this back then.

It's an interesting bug, to say the least. Hopefully, it'll be fixed soon, as I love this game, both online and offline.

Objective2226d ago

Ha! Strange glitch. Breaks the multiplayer game in a big way.

Me-Time2226d ago

how the hell did that warrant a couple disagrees? i know agrees/disagrees don't matter, they're shit, but really?