Control Methods In The Genres, Part 1: Skill, Comfort, or Immersion?

Let's talk about different types of controls and what they do for games: Which is more fun? More comfortable? More tactile, precise, and accurate?

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Titanz2294d ago

This site deserves more attention.

Great article by the way.

juegosmajicos2294d ago

Thanks Titanz. I'm surprised this article isn't getting approved. I've submitted less interesting stuff before that got much more attention quickly.

Weird dynamics here, I guess.

Tanir2293d ago

Normal controllers are far more fun, different button combinations lead to different results, basically there are more inputs available. but depending motion can be fun if done right like zelda, or if its subtle like little big planet with the waist and head moving.

otherwise as of now we are far from seeing it correctly implemented to be that much fun.

although motion is obviously the best way to play dance games

EvilTwin2293d ago

The problem is that motion controls are really in their infancy. Many devs didn't even bother, as they were busy trying to push the graphics envelope on the PS3 and 360. Heck, it took Nintendo until now to really nail the natural implementation of motions (Metroid Prime 3 aside). But when done right? I find motion controls to be a perfectly viable and very fun option (that, depending on the genre, can also offer more precision than button inputs).

Menashe2293d ago

I just hope motion controls don't go the way of the dinosaur if Nintendo doesn't support them enough in the generation of the Wii U.