The Psychology of Winning: Fail Better

"Here's a simple question for you: Do you play to win? I bet 90% of the people reading this would immediately answer - Yes, of course. The problem is, a great number of them would be wrong."

Lost another game? Your teammates made mistakes, the game is buggy, your dog is too loud and all of your enemies use cheap tricks. Sounds familiar? Despite what we may claim, each of us at least once blamed his loss on others and as we're being pointed out in this article - in most cases that's the exact reason why we'll lose again and again.

According to the author. we use such excuses to comfort our ego and by doing so, we create a massive mental barrier, making improving much harder. Bridger - author of the article, proceeds to explain that often loss isn't an effect of our own mistakes but is directly caused by faulty game mechanics and that it's important to be able to discern between these. By providing great examples from his own gaming background, we're shown that having the right attitude is already half a success.

I definitely recommend reading the whole thing - it covers a lot more points than what I've mentioned here.

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