ESRB listing confirms original Killzone for PS3

A simple search for Killzone on official Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website carries a HUGE surprise for all Playstation 3 gamers. The platform section of the rating now includes PS3 along with PS2.


Sony has confirmed that Killzone will launch in the US on 24th January priced at $9.99. No date was revealed for European region

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DonaldBeck2379d ago

this listing of a confirmed killzone game (ps2) for ps3 confirms a great deal of stress on my wallet and confirms a purchase from me, please confirm it to have trophies.

Nitrowolf22379d ago

I'm betting it's part of the PS2 classics, so no trophies. If it were a complete remake then that would be something

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2379d ago

Crap.. for a second there I was excited. The first Killzone was a fantastic game plaqued by many bugs.

Jobesy2379d ago

Maybe it will be part of a collection. Liberation HD and KZ HD. I would buy that. It would also be a good collection for the Vita.

MrBeatdown2379d ago


I would kill for an HD version of Killzone Liberation with dual analog support. Too bad they are doing a FPS Killzone for Vita instead of Liberation 2.

just_looken2379d ago

yeah its probably going 2 be a ps2 classic stupid lock emulator all well i got my original copy and a ps2

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fei-hung2379d ago

Oddly enough, this is one of the games I do not want a remastering in, I want a full scale remake.

After seeing how GG was able to release old maps on the KZ2 and KZ3 and how much they could improve them, I would like GG to give Killzone a PS3 style remake and release that shit for £30.

I can remember playing the old Killzone and looking forward to the mall section where you could shoot and break the glass roof and other glass bits. It was one of the most talked about sections in all the gaming mags.

metsgaming2379d ago

Did the original have terrible input lag like 2 did? If so no buy but if it controls well like KZ3 then i might get it.

GribbleGrunger2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

there was no input lag in two. it was designed that way. how many interviews with the devs do people have to read before they get the message. some people liked the heft effect and some people didn't. then when they changed it in 3, some people liked it and some people wanted it back the way it was. it was a design choice, not lag

Cosmit2379d ago

Either way I couldn't get used to it and I surely didn't enjoy it either.

GribbleGrunger2379d ago

Cosmic, that's fair comment. i just wanted to set that straight before we get the whole silly argument again. clearly Gorilla thought more people loathed it than liked it, hence the change.

KeiserSosay47882379d ago

I can't find where GG said it was designed that way. I always figured that since GG said that they had improved upon the input lag in K2 that it wasn't deliberate at all. I honestly had NO problem with the input lag in K2 EXCEPT when you got into CQC territory which was downright terrible.

Cosmit2379d ago

Yeah I understand that was their way. So I respected their decision and didn't bash them for their heavy that most other people did. But I do see a lot of disappointed Killzone fans because of the change that Killzone 3 made with the controls.

Krew_922379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Haha, Gorilla. Anyways I agree with you. This is coming from someone who was used to the controls of Call of Duty 4. I don't know what's the deal with people, I got used to the controls of Killzone 2 in less than an hour during the campaign.

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P_Bomb2379d ago

I had to re-button map it to try and get it as close as possible to alt type 2. The present day Killzones are much, much more polished gameplay wise.

That being said, It'd be a good addition to the PS2 library on PSN for anyone that hasn't played it before. It has bots so even if it's not set up for online this time out, you can still play the MP maps.

I'd prefer an HD remake though. Lots of magic they could work here, as evidenced by the remixed KZ1 DLC maps in KZ2. The rainy beach and the nuke level DLC maps in KZ2 are amazing when you see their original PS2 versions in retrospect!

Raiz2379d ago

i will buy only if it has online multiplayer....

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2379d ago

instead of playing KZ3's multiplayer?
*Does not compute*

Raiz2379d ago

yes... instead of playing kz3 multiplayer... :)

NarooN2379d ago

I hope it's an HD remaster. My friends and I still play it online to this day, have been since Nov. 04 when it released. The main problem with the original game is that... it was meant for PS2.5, not PS2. The PS2 just couldn't keep up with the beast visuals. The framerate was really jerky and inconsistent as a result. An HD remaster wouldn't have that issue, so hopefully this isn't a PS2 Classic.

I dunno how this could possibly even be a PS2 Classic anyway since I doubt the PS3 could run this game at full speed with just pure software emulation./

LettingGo2379d ago

Wait. The servers for the original Killzone are still up?!?

PirateThom2379d ago

Some PS2 games still have their servers up... SOCOM definitely does.

LettingGo2379d ago

Ya. I knew SOCOM did. :) I just didn't expect Killzone to. That's freaking awesome!

NarooN2379d ago

Yup. We got on and played on Christmas Eve to celebrate lol. Still a few people playing, surprisingly.

wenaldy2379d ago

The only thing bothered me was laggy framerates..

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