Amy’s Thrilling Opening Scene

"Recently there has been a lot of talk of Amy. A lot of this has been about the quality, but so little of the game has been shown. However you can now check out Amy’s opening sequence." - JPS

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admiralvic2323d ago

The models look awful ><

xPhearR3dx2323d ago

It's an arcade title for $10. Did you really expect something amazing in terms of graphics? For a game like this, it looks pretty damn good compared to most $10 arcade titles.

admiralvic2323d ago

See this is what I love about N4G...

Do I expect Uncharted level graphics out of a 10 dollar digital title? No
Do I expect decent graphics out of a game "To those of you who believe this was an attempt to make a few more bucks, we need to precise that we initially wanted to sell AMY at 1200 points, but this would have meant a high price for European players. In addition, we believe AMY is a full game that could have been sold at a regular price at retail but we chose to go digital."

For a game they stated/believe to be worth full retail I say they suck.

linko18-19902323d ago

Yes Crisis is $10 on the psn right now.

xPhearR3dx2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )


Crysis is also a game that came out YEARS ago and was simply ported to XBL and PSN. It was not built from ground up with the intentions of releasing as an arcade title.


It doesn't matter what it started/believed to be. What matters is the final product. Games go through tremendous change during the development process. For a game that is releasing as a downloadable only title for $10, it has great graphics. If anything, you should be grateful that it's not a retail release. Now you're getting a game you thought was going to be $60, for $10 with great graphics and some interesting gameplay and story elements.

wh0am12323d ago

that little girl is scarier than the monsters...WTF

Tdmd2323d ago

Silent little girls are always scary in horror movies! I guess they should be in games too. x)