I Regret Buying Kinect

Game Informer - Like many gamers, I was skeptical when I saw the first concept video of Kinect. Adults and children were shown playing trivia games together, fixing busted tires at pit stops, scanning their real-life skateboard into a video game, and pretending to be a kung-fu master or Godzilla. I was initially skeptical of the peripheral, doubting it would work as advertised. My skepticism grew as the marketing campaign pushed forward, with Kudo Tsunoda knocking virtual balls back and forth everywhere from E3 to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. These demos started resembling gimmicky motion-based Wii minigames more and more, and I set my sights low for Kinect.

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slavish2302d ago

i could say the same thing about the wii, move, eyetoy and 3d gaming. all gimmicks that don't appeal to me.

darthv722302d ago

I dont have a kinect yet (kids keep bugging me) so i really cant comment on the quality but from my friends who have one they enjoy it.

Then again, what one or two people like isnt reflective on whether or not I would like it. I am optimistic however. I know that games for it all have to start out small and simple before time has taken its course and bigger more engageful games are available.

Then again, that pretty much sums up gaming in general. You have to go through the crawling phase before you can walk and each console from the 2600 to today has had to do that. This isnt a console but it sure is getting the support like it is one. Other add-on usually dont get this kind of commitment from the parent company.

People may not see the appeal it has now but that isnt to say it will remain that way over the course of time.

damnyouretall2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

i bought one for my 5 year old and he loves it. the chicks that come over to my house like the dancing games also. but it is definetly not for me. if our kids want it its not a bad investment. but if you can eventually 3d scan your face to put in games, then ill like it.

ApplEaglElephant2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

I agree, but it is more detrimental to Xbox because MS changed their focus into Kinect from hardcore.

MS abandoned hardcore exclusives games for this. and it isnt even good. PS3 has Move, but SOny is keep cranking out massive amount of quality exclusives.

MS abandoned us for this crap. end of story.

MaxXAttaxX2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

I want motion controls to ADD to my gaming experience, NOT take away control and everything else in place of arm and leg movements.

To me, the problem started when they made Kinect a motion-only gaming method. You need other physical methods of input.

It's the same thing with touchscreen-only handheld devices and games.
LBP Vita is a great example of the right way to do it. Full physical controls PLUS touchscreen controls which ADD to the game, rather than take away by being touch-only.

But all of that is fine if the type of games you're getting from it now is all you really wanted.

IHateYouFanboys2302d ago

@NathanExplosion: "To me, the problem started when they made Kinect a motion-only gaming method. You need other physical methods of input."

so for you, the problem started with something that they havent actually done? lol

Kinect can be used IN CONJUNCTION with existing physical controllers. Played Halo Anniversary? Seen the new tom clancy game? Mass Effect 3? all use Kinect AS WELL AS a regular controller at the same time.

using kinect doesnt suddenly make all the physical controllers unusable.

livinwitbias2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

**Cough Cough** flamebait article!

EVILDEAD3602301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )'s not rocket anything else...Kinect simply isn't for everyone.

But I laugh when fan bloggers try so hard to put a negative spin on Kinect that they IMO end up losing ALL credibility in the process.

I'll just point what he wrote in the article..YOU decide if it make sense.

1. He plays Kinect backstage and has fun with Kinect Sports multiplayer. It reminds him of the fun he had with Wii sports in 2006.

So you think it would be a no brainer that he buys Kinect know..the game that he actually had fun playing right? Nope..he buys Dance Central (even though hes 'not much of a dancer), Kinectimals (even though the game is CLEARLY not aimed at his dempgraphic), and to get in shape he buys the former Wii game Biggest Loser (the worst of the launch Kinect exercise games). Read the results yourself.

2. He then alleges not ONE Kinect function worked. He couldnt get voice control to work for him (LMFAO), he couldnt navigate menus, and 'nothing worked as advertised' on Kinect Labs.

Look I won't even go into how Kinect has worked like a charm for everything from Movies to Music ALL year long for me. In fact, we use the voice control in movies so much, that playing movies on anything else is like watching TV without DVR for us.

My 12 year old niece used ALL of those functions like a pro this Xmas Eve when she got Kinect for her B-day.

3. So he plays Child of Eden and Gunstringer for an hour a piece and he's a Kinect authority. Then he provides informative advice as to the fact that Fruit Ninja Kinect is not hardcore..LOL

For all his Kinect can't appeal to 'hardcore gamers' raning he did just look at what Game Informer wrote about 'The Gunstringer' in their favorable review for the game

'The Gunstringer proves that Kinect can appeal to hardcore gamers looking for fast-paced action and a great story.'

He played an I guess he wouldn't know anyways.. each his own..Kinect for me? Worth every cent.


Perjoss2301d ago

In the same way I paid quite a lot of cash for a full Rock Band set I highly recommend Kinect even just for Dance Central 1 and/or 2, if you're into music and rhythm games or just like dancing its a must have. It's not just an excuse to jump around to some good music as it is actually a very good game too.

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Wh15ky2302d ago

"i could say the same thing about the wii, move, eyetoy and 3d gaming. all gimmicks that don't appeal to me."

Why did you buy them then?

slavish2302d ago

you don't have to buy something to try it. I try to use my brain before my wallet! :P

Wh15ky2302d ago

If you didn't buy them then you can't say the same about them, the article is titled "I regret buying Kinect".

Doletskaya2302d ago

If you didn't put eyetoy there, you would probably get a ton more agrees.

N311V2302d ago

3D gaming is awesome :).

dedicatedtogamers2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

I don't regret buying the Wii because there are plenty of "real" games for it. I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of it.

But Kinect? Hah, I would never buy it. I bought Move/Eye for Christmas last year for my wife and I and we sold it within a month because it was crap. I guess I simply prefer to play real games instead of ooo-ing and ahhhh-ing at tech-demo gimmicks.

Guwapo772302d ago

The Move is not "crap". The accuracy of the Move is the best of all the systems. Sadly the devs aren't supporting it the way it should. Sony's in-house devs should be doing a bit more with games that support the move. Hopefully we'll see more support for it in the future.

hiredhelp2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Real games?
You sold move because it was "crap" tech demo gimmicks

Wake up call everything sony did as early tech demos wernt gimmicks as they
Actually did what was said to be done.

What do you call real games anyway ? Cos the Wii hasnt exactly got huge core based players there.
Both Wii has options of doing all style of games and both have proven both technology's can do just that.

For me i choose sony's tech over the Wii old IR (infra red) remote tech any day.

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BitbyDeath2302d ago

If 3D is a gimmick then so is HD.

Also lets not leave off online, wifi, wireless controllers, sixaxis support, keyboard, mouse, joystick, kicthen sink and fridge.

dredgewalker2302d ago

I played with the kitchen sink and the fridge....the sink was dangerous since it was always wet so I had to be careful using it. The fridge was awesome cause I get to eat while playing and it kept me and my console cool :P

BluEx6102302d ago

I can play games for hours on HD, with 3D I can barely play 1 hour with it... Nice feature to have, but not as fundamentally sound as HD gaming

FriedGoat2301d ago

@bluex610 Its not our problem that your eyes are terrible. I can watch 3d for hours. No problem.

Perjoss2301d ago

You cannot compare 3D to HD.

HD benefits practically everyone unless you have serious eyesight problems and is rapidly becoming the standard. Where as 3D is totally down to preference. Personally I love 3D but I can easily play a game or watch a movie with 3D off and not enjoy it any less, it's strange like that, as its very cool but you dont miss it when its not there.

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AlienLion2302d ago

He bought Kinect = his opinion is auto-invalid.

CommonSense2301d ago

I regret buying a Virtual Boy, but i don't need to write a desperate-for-attention retard article about it.

articles like this are worthless. which is probably why it's in the top 5 for the day. fanboys get off on this garbage.

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ABizzel12301d ago

Kinect is a present you buy for yourself, but other people enjoy more, if that makes sense.

bozebo2301d ago

"i could say the same thing about the wii"
The wii isn't anything special, but it does have some great games.

Pocketaces1112301d ago

Based on your 1st comment and subsequently your 2nd comment you can't say the same thing at all. The Game Informer was making informed educated comments about one peripheral he owns. You are then blanketing his opinion as your own based on everything being gimmicky. Unless you also owned which you said in your second comment you didn't then you can not say the same thing as him as you are less informed then he... Trying something in a store or at a friends is far different then owning something and attempting to emerse your self in it. I tried the wii at a friends got supper excited at how fun it was BUT... little did I know when I bought it and didn't have all the friends around it became quite bowing and gimmicky. Vice versa I tried Mass Effect at a friends thought it was ok I then bought and played it from the beginning at my house and enjoyed it immensely.

zero_cool2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Technically you have to take into account what technologies were used in the design of the device & how they were all assembled together to function.

P.S.All technology has it's technical limitations & faults.

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

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SirNintend02302d ago

Except the Wii was a standalone system. You knew what you were getting into with the system, and it didn't force you to stand in front of your TV and use full body motion like Kinect.

And look at how few and far between the Wii games that did motion controls right were. Kinect was doomed from the start, unless you like dancing games. But really, just go to the club if you want to do that.

dirthurts2302d ago

To be fair, Kinect doesn't force you to do anything.
You buy the device knowing that it's for full body control in games. If you don't enjoy that, it's you're own fault.
I don't/won't own a kinect because I don't feel the need for motion controls. I like my joysticks just fine.

gamingdroid2302d ago

I guess the tagline "You are the controller" was missed by SirNintend0.

Nobody forced anything. Consumers bought it knowing full well what MS offered at launch.

Baka-akaB2302d ago

He even starts with how skeptical he was of Kinect , so why did he bother ? Not as if something changed and some magical game appeared that would convince skepticals .

insomnium22301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

@gamingdroid again

"Nobody forced anything. Consumers bought it knowing full well what MS offered at launch. "

Consumers knew MS would offer them a massive supply of hc-games for young adults when they bought the x360. Then they got a Kinect to the knee.....-_- sorry I had to. LOL!

bozebo2301d ago

"If you don't enjoy that, it's you're own fault."
This ^

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GribbleGrunger2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

lol. even in a negative article for an MS product he has to have a go at MOVE at the end

kneon2302d ago

My Move is used all the time, I even bought extras so I don't have to move it between PS3 and so I can leave the sharpshooter assembled rather than taking it apart for non-shooter games.

LOGICWINS2302d ago

"Releasing these games around the $50 price point is one of my main gripes with Kinect. Like many gamers, I operate on a limited budget. I can't afford to buy everything that comes out, and what expendable income I do have goes towards big guns like Skyrim, Portal 2, and Zelda. If I can get hundreds of hours of enjoyment out of a $60 purchase like Skyrim, I can't justify spending $50 to wave my arms around or make pistol motions with my hand."

It was known that Kinect games were going to be $50 before Kinect even came out. If this bothered you so much...why the hell did you buy Kinect in the first place?

B1663r2302d ago

I assumed there would be ~some~ XBLA Kinect action. Instead we get technical demos that cost $5 to $10, and mini games and casuals that cost full retail, when the technical demos should be free, and with just a couple of exceptions all the Kinect games should be selling for no more than $15 (Gunstringer Im looking at you!)

But other than that, I use Kinect all the time, I encounter zero registration issues, and the voice controls and search are second to none.

When Microsoft starts pricing the games accordingly I will start buying them again.

AngelicIceDiamond2302d ago

You're money, you're choice, regrets do happen. Not really surprised its with Kinect.

HardCover2302d ago

I am money. I am choice.

I am the controller.

AngelicIceDiamond2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Seems like others get my point clearly keep trying to read it, you'll get it eventually.

HardCover2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

It's not hard to get my point either. It's like, not meant to be taken seriously, and stuff.

Kos-Mos2301d ago

Ok, this was funny in between all the rubbish fanboyism. You are money....

kaveti66162302d ago

"Your" is used as a possessive.

"You're" is a contraction of "you are."