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Xbox 360 Exclusives For 2012

If ever someone needed proof that the Xbox 360 was slowly being dwindled out of relevance ahead of an inevitable successor, than its list of exclusives for 2012 should do the trick.
It's not a bad list of exclusives -- any Halo release would fly off shelves, and Minecraft on consoles is certainly intriguing. However, next to what the PlayStation 3 has to offer, it's pretty slim pickings.
Let's take a look at what Xbox 360 gamers can expect in 2012. (Xbox 360)

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Hufandpuf  +   1185d ago
lol, I only own an xbox but i don't even want any of those games. Maybe Witcher 2 though.
Bigpappy  +   1185d ago
Witcher2 for sure. With that ME3 and KOA, I am not sure when I will need another game. Oh, I have to get "Kinect Stawr wars", but you guys already knew this.
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EVILDEAD360  +   1185d ago
Sorry 360.mmgn..Here's the REAL List
This is the year for 360 owners before ANYTHING is announced at E3.

Halo 4...The return of Master Chief will be the biggest exclusive of 2012..period. Just like Halo 3 and Halo Reach, prepare for an entire year of hate for this title..prepare for not a single ounce of that hate to matter.

Witcher 2
Alan Wake: American Nightmare

Kinect Exclusives

Star Wars Kinect
Fable: The Journey (First Kinect RPG)
Steel Batallion (First true Kinect hybid game)
Project Draco
Rumored Pixar game
Kinect Labs
Xbox Live Kinect indie

Kinect integration:

Mass Effect 3 (with Kinect voice inegration)
Ghost Recon (Tom Clancy Kinect integration)
Rainbow 6: Patriots (Tom Clancy/ Kinect integration)
Madden 2013 (Kinect integration)
Fifa 13 (Kinect integration)
Tiger Woods (Kinect integration)
EA suprise game (my guess: Fight Night 2013)


Summer of Arcade 2013

Multiplats that were once 360 exclusives..

Bioshock: Infinite
Prey 2
Ninja Gaiden 3

Biggest multiplat games of 2012

Gran Theft Auto V
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Metal Gear Rising
Prototype 2
Resident Evil
Treyarch Call of Duty
Spec Ops: The line
Max Payne 3
DMC: Devil May cry
Borderlands 2
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Tomb Raider
Darksider 2
Lollipop Chainsaw
Street Fighter X Tekken

Potential for 7th year to be one of the biggest in 360 history...

Multi-plats already prove it's going to be a great year for both the 360 and Sony.

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blumatt  +   1185d ago
MS Is Probably Holding Back on Exclusives to Concentrate on Xbox 720 (NextBox, whatever. lol)
I guess MS is holding back so that the Xbox 720 or whatever it'll be called will have a slew of exclusives at launch. That's what we all hope anyway. The thing is though that launching a new console is not an excuse to hold back on game development for your already released console. The PS4 is probably right around the corner too, but you don't see Sony holding back, at all. If anything, the PS3 is in overdrive and accelerating faster and faster every year with more exclusives. Even 2012 has some promising ones planned.

I just hope the Xbox 720 (whatever. lol) will not rely on the Big 3 (Halo, Gears, Forza) again. Well, I guess it's Big 4 if you count Fable. I hope they invest in more first party studios and take risks like Sony does with small developers (i.e., Media Molecule-LBP, Quantic Dream-Heavy Rain).

MS has loads of cash and could EASILY buy up 10 or so studios to develop new and exciting exclusives. Who knows though, MS might be doing just that next time around. We all certainly hope so. After all, relying on third party is just not the way to do it. A console should have a good balance of first and third party studio support.

I hope the Xbox 720 comes out around $399, by the way. The PS4 had better be close to that price too, or I'm not getting it at launch. (Well, I probably will. lol)

XBL: Blu Matt PSN: blumatt
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darthv72  +   1185d ago
if you really think about it....
MS built the 360 to be like windows. By that im referring to a platform that will be dependent on 3rd party developers for support. Yes they have a few games they will make themselves or secure exclusive publishing rights to but the majority of the software titles will be 3rd party.

Nothing wrong with that as that has been a trend for generations. The majority of support on the nes, genesis, wii, ps1 and 2 has been completely 3rd party. To think MS is holding back because of the next system is nothing of the sort. They built it to be easy to develop for and have continued to support that aspect with new developer tools.

People can criticize ms for not having the number of exclusive studios or titles but it really shouldnt matter to them. They know there are a slew of really talented 3rd parties out there that are doing more with the 360 hardware now than the first year it was on the market.
gamingdroid  +   1185d ago

***MS has loads of cash and could EASILY buy up 10 or so studios to develop new and exciting exclusives.***

Contrary to what people believe, MS despite being the most profitable console platform still doesn't mean unlimited resources.

I'm actually surprised MS is still buying up studios, as the new LiveTV, app service, Kinect investment and exclusives including Halo 4 is probably costing them gazillions.

If you know anything about the history of the Xbox 360, they are very much a autonomous division within MS that still has to prove their business models/strategy.
yesmynameissumo  +   1185d ago

I think, based off your list, it's also poised to be the biggest year in PS3 history as well, Kinect exclusives aside.

Mass Effect 3
Ghost Recon
Rainbow 6: Patriots
Madden 2013
Fifa 13
Tiger Woods
EA suprise game (my guess: Fight Night 2013)

All on PS3.

Summer of Arcade could be a Kinect-a-thon as well as including some titles that will appear on PS3 (From Dust from SoA 2011 for example)

For the Kinect exclusives, you forgot Ryse, but even then 5 of the 7 have had zero gameplay or real details. Steel Battalion had somewhat of a trailer, but if I were to call it impressive, that'd be lying. Also, the Pixar game isn't a rumor. It's called Kinect Rush - http://www.joystiq.com/2011... and doesn't really look like the type of game adults would lineup to buy (like a Halo 4).

Now jump back to the title of the article - Xbox 360 Exclusives For 2012 - You've only really added the Kinect Rush (Pixar) title and Steel Battalion where information is available.

2011's E3 was similar in the "Wait and see" sentiment, and it really didn't net anything other than Live Apps and kids games. I'm not saying it won't have a great year, but there's an alternative out there where you can play a large portion of these 360 games, without a multiplayer fee, on PC/PS3.
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pc_masterrace  +   1185d ago
xbox exclusive...no way!

*clicks on link*

Related image(s)
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Jdrm03   1185d ago | Personal attack | show
EVILDEAD360  +   1185d ago
My Lord..

Darth72 and Gamingdroid just came through with two of the REALEST comments I've seen on N4G.com in a long time.

Very well said and +bubz to both of you.

To add to both of your comment, Pachter not so subtly told the world during one of the Game Trailer panels that the order came down from the brass that 'Micrsoft 360 will NOT operate at a loss anymore'.

They restructured, developed a plan of attack and here we are.

Two of the best points oth of you made are very very true in this economic climate. You do NOT need the first party to incur the weight of the software load when you are A. Finally turning a profit B. You are 7 years into a your console cycle.

The other point is the blank checks are over, exclusives are expensive and as G.droid mentioned there are NOT unlimited resources.

Look at what happened when Alan Wake a game with a notably long development cycle
(due to unfortunate events) launched the same day as the 2010 GOTY Red Dead Redemption.

An outstanding game, but it does an opening week 220K and everyone form the fan kids to the fan bloggers screamed the game should have been multi-platform. Fast forward and Alan Wake the next Alan wake is NOT published by Micrsoft, nor is it the high profile retail game it started as.

People blast Micrsoft for a focused year with a select few exclusives.

But, look at it realistically..

In November 2010, you just launch a half a bilion dollar Kinect campaign for Kinect. Instead of launch another high profile ad campaign for Gears the next quarter..they pushed it back. The focused fall and holiday season appears to have paid off.

The detractors say Micrsoft only cared about money and praised Sony for releasing approx 10 sequels and HD remakes. But, even though that looks great on paper 8 of those games had approximately the same or lower first week sales than Alan Wake had the year prior.

We witnessed what happened with Alan Wake..can you imagine if Micrsoft released 8 games this year that did Alan Wake numbers? Can youy imagine if Micrsoft posted losses instead of profit in 2011? The fan blogsphere would have gone absolutely bezerk with negative press.

So instead..in 2012 they release Halo 4 with a 3 year development and a 200 man team working on the new trilogy. The fans will flock but so will the hate.

Which do you think matters the most?


@ yesimyname..Read my last line..

I absolutely agree that those multi-plats are going to be great across the board for the industry.

Thnaks for adding the Kinect Rush info..
I did not forget Ryse..the latest news is that the game will not be released in 2012. My guess is Micrsoft wisely decided to make it a 720 game.

LOL @ Jrmdl03 or Jrmdl14 (whatever multi-account name your using these days)

I simply listed the games PER the TOPIC of the article.

Notice how emotional you get when people actually stick to the topic withouyt bashing Micrsoft. Nah..EVERYONE must be like YOU and curse out people who actually want to discuss games.

So look..keep trolling all day long..and breaking your keyboard calling names..I still told the truth about the topic and you still need N4G to bring back Open Zone so you can troll all day long
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Jdrm03   1185d ago | Trolling | show
ApplEaglElephant  +   1185d ago
@EvilDead LOL PC games and Arcades
LOL. Wut a joke

and Halo that isnt made by bungie.

I do love your desperate attempt though. Sometimes i think that Xbox fanboys deserve to get abandoned by MS. I mean they are blindly supporting MS abandoning hardcore gamers.

Its just too funny seeing them blindly support it.
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JaredH  +   1185d ago
Out of the games mentioned I'm most excited for Alan Wake and Witcher 2 while I might check Minecraft and Halo 4 out.

I'm like the only person who thinks this but I could care less about Master Chief and Halo 4. He says like 20 lines a game and I'd rather have a story like Halo Reach with great characters that have development, personality and things to say. Halo Reach and ODST felt like games that had good stories that made sense while the numbered games to understand everything you have to read all the Halo novels and other media which I don't have time to do.

For Minecraft not needing to look up recipes online on 360 might make me buy it. That and the easier to use online system.
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EVILDEAD360  +   1185d ago
@ Jmdl03 (or any account your using at the moment)

Ok..let's keep it 100% real on N4G.com for once.

First of all I'm going to squash all of the corny sheep talk.

Stop pretending you are this Xbox fan who has this higher purpose. You don't. Your actions speak louder than words.

Your simply a multi-account made in July. The other day when your 3 bubbles werent enough you literally made another account just to keep replying.

Name ONE PS3 fan on N4G.com that literally trolls PS3 articles. You can't. Name ONE PS3 fan on this site that says 'hey I don't like Move or it's games' but TROLLS every Move article to repeat 'Move sucks' over and over.

I don't have to pretend to be something I'm not. I say it all the time, I own every console and I'm not scared to say I love my 360. Been an Xbox owner since the original Halo launched. I own 100+ games for my 360..But that doesn't stop me from loving my PS3 Slim.

See the REAL FACT of the matter is if you don't don't troll 360 articles and you acually DARE to have a positive opinion of the 360 or Micrsoft then people like YOU have to call you 'sheep' or anything else they can because they NEED to bash a console that they don't play or own.

Belive me..If 5 or 6 pro-360 accounts on this site trolled every PS3 article there simply would be an implosion on this site.

I keep it real..I love motion controls..I bought a Wii..I bought a Move and 6 games when it was released last year and I bought Kinect and 6 games.

I have fam and friends who enjoy Kinect as well. But, because I don't troll every article and speak negatively about a device I actualy enjoy..the REAL Sheep like JMDl03 gets so emotional that he has to change keyboards.

See, I'm one of the original 360 cadre. I don't have to pretend. That first year we were playing the death out of Halo 2 online with our Xbox brethren. We were in awe while we played Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and Call of Duty 2. We fell in love with the 360 while playing Elder Scrolls, Bioshock and Mass Effect. I loved sleepers like Burnout Revenge, Prey and Crackdown . But NOTHING came close to the first play through of Gears of War.

Fast forward years 2010 and the 360 hardcore fans get Mass Effect 2, Halo Reach, Splinter Cell Conviction, Crackwdown, Fable 3. in 2011, We hardcore fans get to finish the Gears of War trilogy, an AMAZING Forza 4 and relive the original Halo 10 years later.

Fans like me stand in the midnight lines just to pick up our $150 dollar Legendary Master Chief helmet, Reach statue, or our Giant Marcus Fenix.

So pardon 360 fans if they have an amazing year when they say they have an amazing year when they are playing through Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Bioshock: Infinite and don't care about repeating every 5 minutes that these games are offered on another console. Good...buy it for your console of choice..we get it.

The funny part is nobody says a peep that Nintendo released Zelda and relies on Just Dance 3 and Zumba sales.

Ok..reality over..get back to trolling and creating more accounts so we can see more phantom disagress.

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A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1185d ago
Lol evildead360defence has had a busy day defending ms's integrity.

The 360 is a great console man, you don't need to put in that much effort.
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Why o why  +   1184d ago | Well said
Lol, evil 360. Always clear and always positive. Those are you good traits. The inability to say something bad about ms if even from an empathic view is a bad trait. Its almost as if you work for them

Some people like myself become less of a fan of the 360 because its my second console therefore all of those great multis get played on my ps3. As a result of this it is its exclusives that make my 360 relevant so ive payed for a 360 plus live and have fewer games to play on it. I purchase 80% of the 360s exclusives btw....sometimes just for the ef of it like reach even though im not a halo fan....i sucked at it....hard:( but i enjoyed alan wake and will be grabbing the next one plus some of the back catelog ( really have to get lost odysee according to the 360 guys here ). Some people really do not have or care for kinect...let me repeat that, some people really do not have or care for kinect therefore years like this on have sucked hard up until the last quater and by sucked i mean relying on multiplatform offerings......the same thing that made people and factions of the media accuse the ps of having 'no games' way back, remember them days?

Now instead of defending ms like a newborn think of those who used to love more games to choose from. The multis can more than fill anybodys time but as ive said theyre played on people like myselfs playstations. For once just admit that ms dropped the ball on this. You defend so vehemently you lose the point and thats that the company that you profess are doing so well can surely take a few more risks and provide more unique experiences on their console for their fans that are paying just to get online play. With people like you around i doubt ms feels the need to use sony or nintendos model. Exclusives or borrowed exclusives are just to grab marketshare..now thats done its not their thing anymore.. The irony is many 360 defenders often state how sony releasing all these exclusives does nothing for marketshare....thats right maybe they care MORE about the gamer they lured. Get it right, sony dont care about my life any more than ms or nintendo, im a punter, simple but they 100% care more about my gaming habits than ms or nintendo do. No bait n switch. I didnt just beome a soccer mom

Despite my 'vehement' comment i understand its each to his own, enjoy your gaming because ive always believed you're a gamer but understand that some people are NOT as happy as you are about ms's methods over the pass few years. Some people do want more especially since the others provide more of the games they want. Not saying kinect isnt fun but cmon, when you announce more casual than core theres a problem IF your the core type and is usually the type that makes comments on gaming sites
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firefoxprime  +   1184d ago

Bottom line is that Kinect sucks. Move sucks. And traditional gaming will always be better.

You ARE blind. A lil weird too.

You claim to stay on topic, yet you toss in multiplats to buff up your 2012 list. Really? The thread title is X360 EXCLUSIVES...yet you squeeze in multiplats.

You're clearly not a troll. Just delusional.

And really, 1/2 page posts? Ain't no blog you imbocile.
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da_2pacalypse  +   1184d ago
Halo4 FTW!
ZippyZapper  +   1184d ago
What EVILDEAD360 said and we still have GDC and E3 :)
Old McGroin  +   1184d ago
@ firefoxprime

From what I can see EVILDEAD360 states quite clearly which games are exclusive and which games are multiplats, calling him delusional for something you missed in his OP kinda backfired on ya there!
vulcanproject  +   1184d ago
Lets face it and not hide behind it for fear of community reprisals.

Its looking very weak. Especially when you have to list games without confirmed titles or rumoured games!!

I have a gaming PC. Therefore Witcher 2 and Minecraft are no use to me. I think its fairly clear the machine is winding down its life, it is over 6 years old now and if Microsoft aren't developing a bunch of games for their next machine then goodness knows what exactly they are up to.
Oner  +   1184d ago
@ Why o why ~ That has to be one of the most rational and concisely spoken comments I have every read on here. Very Well Said man. Bubs & Agree!
EVILDEAD360  +   1184d ago
@ Why o Why
I’ll simply ignore the cheap shots from you and the usual fan kid banter from the multi-accounts.

I'm not a 'MS employee' just because You and a bunch of multi-accounts tell me I should speak negatively about MS.

You jumped into the discussion with your points; now I will make mine.

Your point of view

You claim you own both a PS3 & a 360. You only buy exclusives for your 360 and because you don’t like Kinect years like ‘this’ suck for you.

My point of view

I own all 3 consoles .Been an avid Xbox and 360 gamer from year one. I buy 99% of my multi-plats on my 360. I use my PS3 mainly for exclusives. I, my family, and many of my personal friends enjoy Kinect and its games. This year did NOT suck for me.

Overall counter point:

Logically, it would be absurd to pretend that Micrsoft or Sony in the business of catering to dual console owners w/ variable preferences.

Microsft's job is to cater to the Xbox 360 install base. like Sony & Nintendo they release their most successful exclusive franchises. They also ensure that they have critical 3rd party support.

At the end of the day, ALL consoles straddle this while trying remaining profitable.

As for the rest of the rant..unnecesary to bother. I will simply counter the usual rhetoric

1. All consoles this gen now use motion controls. All are optional. If you don't like Kinect or ANY of it's games, simply don't buy them.

Or you can seek out every Kinect article and bash it..

2. Kinect has only been out for a year, but the mantra is that Micrsoft 'abandoned the core'.

The biggest 360 core franchises are Halo, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Fable, Forza. Titles from ALL of those franchises were released in the last two years.

Final word on it, pretending Micrsoft abandoned their 'hardcore' gamers for Kinect is as ludacrous as pretending Nintendo abandoned their 'casual' auduence because they made the point that 'Wii-U' will now have core games.

At the end off the day, 20 disagrees on N4G.com because someone says they look forward to Halo Reach vs 8 Million people who purchase the title..you weigh it

20 Disagrees on N4G.com because you say Kinect is driving sales and MS will probably have it's best holiday yet vs. historic Black Friday and 750,000 stand-alone Kinect sales sold.

People can discount multi-plats but like at the end of the day 4 million people could care less that Skyrim is on the PS3. Just like my PS3 friends could care less that Call of Duty: MW3 sells more on the 360.

Dee_91  +   1184d ago
@everyone disagreeing with evil
He does not speak for everyone
While his Xbox will be having the best year.
My ps3 will be having an even better year. :D
Im looking forward to owning Halo for the first time tho haha
Good Year for xbox
Great Year for ps3
Awesome Year for gamers.
FANTABULOUS year for Multiconsole owners.
Ima copyright that
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EVILDEAD360  +   1184d ago
Gamerguide.com used my list verbatim (see other exclusives list)

They didn't even give Evil an ounce of credit. They just copied and pasted it from my earlier comment.


At least give credit where credit is due. I new fan bloggers at the sites were N4G.com members, but wow can I get some love.

Why o why  +   1184d ago
Lol, you really act delusional...did you not see the part where i said 'some people'.. maybe you should stop skimming and actually read what people say. SOME people are not happy. Many 360 only guys want MORE. Its not an attack on your pride just facts. Are you gunna accuse everybody who wants more games and doesnt like kinect a multi account holder. Youre the one with 6 bubbles despite the amount of tripe you spout so maybe you shouldnt make accusations like that. I was being as civil as i could but yet again your wrong n strong attitude shines like a xenon bulb. I think the next time this subject comes up im going to ask the more honest 360/ps3 fans if they want more games and if they feel ms have shifted too much towards the casual market...you may be surprised what they say. Instead of being empathic like i asked you continued to jabba about your family and youre own wonderful experiences with kinect. What about the n4g members like stan lee, gamertime, jokes on you off the top of my head who were known 360 fans who've expressed the same thing and by that i mean wanting ms to produce more games or others that they feel ms as shifted too much focus to the casuals.. You gunna try and shut them down too or spin like youre doing now. You cant even admit you want more games or acknowledge others may...lmao@udude.. Im past your nonsense ag. Enjoy your gaming
#1.1.24 (Edited 1184d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
EVILDEAD360  +   1184d ago
@ Why o Why
So let me get this straight..I ws minding MY business. You come at me with a bunch of cheap shots and I responded clearly to your points.

Now your crying wolf? So basically you proved that people like yourself can give it but can't take it.

Again you come at me so I will respond.

'Lol, you really act delusional...did you not see the part where i said 'some people''

LMAO @ YOU not reading YOUR own post and calling ME delusional.

Heres YOUR quote that I read like anyone else with eyes.

'Some people like MYSELF become less of a fan of the 360 because its my second console therefore all of those great multis get played on my ps3

So YOU made a claim about YOUR Xbox 360 and point of view..I responded with mine.

And concluded with a summarized point.

Nothing more nothing less.

'Many 360 only guys want MORE. Its not an attack on your pride just facts. Are you gunna accuse everybody who wants more games and doesnt like kinect a multi account holder'

LMAO @ this having zero to do with my pride. Everyone has a right to their own opinions, I simply expressed mine..why are YOU mad that I don't share yours?

I never accused YOU of being a multi-account. I said you AND the multi-account trolls. If you fit that bill then so be it. But, I didn't accuse YOU.

'I was being as civil as i could but yet again your wrong n strong attitude shines like a xenon bulb'

GTFOH with you were trying to be civil. it's ok to say I work for Micrsoft, It's ok to callfor you to say 'I'm 'defending MS like a newborn', It's ok to call me 'delusional'..but when I respond as civil as I can then my 'attitude shines like a xenon light bulb'? LMFAO. Bro..gain a pair..if you try to talk down to people don't act like a child w/ a tantrum when they respond in kind.

'Instead of being empathic like i asked you continued to jabba about your family and youre own wonderful experiences with kinect.'

First off all WHEN did 'ask' me to be empathetic.

This was your quote remember..

'The inability to say something bad about ms if even from an empathic view is a bad trait. Its almost as if you work for them'

That's ASKING? WTF should I be empathetic to? someone who pretends that EVERYONE has to feel like THEY do?

'You gunna try and shut them down too or spin like youre doing now. You cant even admit you want more games or acknowledge others may'

LOL..who tried to 'shut you down'? You are the hypocrite in negative spin mode who can't even ackowledge ANY game that Micrsoft has released. You are the hypocrite trying to spin that Micrsoft should cater to people who are dual console owners who arent the 'core' 360 gamers you people keep pretending they forgot.

I called a spade a spade and he couldn't handle it. (HIS pride is the actual one who got hurt)

Once again everyone has a right to their opinions, it's a shame that people have to resort to childish silliness when they can't FORCE you to share theirs.

Still keeping 100% real in the face of this fake console war babble

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Muffins1223  +   1185d ago
halo 4 and minecraft are only ones for me :\
onyoursistersback  +   1185d ago
lol i came here for the jokes!!! hahaha.....well played, well played!!!
firelogic  +   1185d ago
Should really cut that list down as Minecraft and Witcher 2 are already available for PC. Then cut out the kinect "games." You're left with Halo 4.
TBM  +   1184d ago
Wow Alan Wake is the only one i care about on that list. the kinect stuff can go get stuffed.
FACTUAL evidence  +   1184d ago
I'm sorry but evildead360 is butt hurt. Every time I see him defending the 360 it's always a wall of text with multi-plats. I'm not saying you're a fanboy, you probably prefer 360, which is fine, but honestly; If you're best game for next year is a XBLA game (AW:AN) then that's sad. Halo will be talked about for 3-4 months before the new call of duty comes.

I think the list was spot on in the article. Basically the 360 as another less than mediocre year with exclusives.
ZippyZapper  +   1184d ago
Are you high?
NeloAnjelo  +   1184d ago
@Most of the people above... Who are you guys kidding?

Kinect Integration do not count as exclusives... so stop trying to lengthen the list.

Stop focusing on exclusives to concentrate on the "720"? Yeah right. Just an excuse for not offering core games, which they didn't do for the last three three years. No new IPs to speak of.

MS is making a ton with Live, subscription for Netflix, Kinect, and now also ads on the dashboard... Why change and invest in exclusives? Their timed exclusive strategy seemed to have worked for the last few years... so again why change? Its clear that their fans are willing to pay and accept less and less both on the gaming front, and on services as the years went on. Live got better, but the games dried up. More apps, but more for Live. No exclusives, but timed exclusives. Really?

Give me a break. Your eyes are filled with the "Xbox experience" to which I still wonder what its all about. I refuse to get Kinect for my 360, and I hate the new dashboard. I pay for live for them to take away Netflix sharing, and put ads on the dashboard? Yeah, a round of applause please.

Halo4 without Bunjie? Sceptical (But I'll pick it up)
Star Wars Kinect? Puke. Another sell out for Star Wars, and shame on you for believing that Kinect is something you need to enjoy your console.
Fable: The Journey? The last one sucked, and felt like a Disney game.

Alan Wake... Yes. Witcher 2... Yes. But give me some more games please GOD!
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DaThreats  +   1185d ago
looks like a....
really short list.
AJB1   1185d ago | Trolling | show
badz149  +   1184d ago
I would be surprised
If you were actually expecting it to be any longer
byrnezy  +   1185d ago
Looks like a fantastic year... lol
yesmynameissumo  +   1185d ago
Is this real?!
Convas  +   1185d ago
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Minecraft XBLA
Alan Wake: American Nightmare
Halo 4

I have PS3 exclusives to purchase along with a crap ton of multiplats. Could we use more exclusives? Sure, but I'm not complaining. People with PS3s solamente shouldn't be so "worried" about what's happening on the other console.
Why o why  +   1185d ago
You've mistaken their ridicule for worry mate...u know... Banter

For some this is enough but im glad some people are at least admitting they want more games to choose from.... In have no issues with the honest guys . I have a problem with those who used to laud more games especially exclusives that now say everythings cushdi. Without people making noise ms may never feel they need to provide more games but lets be fair, they have brought enough games that weren't on their platform to their platform. I cant say they didnt provide more for their customers this genthan last because they did but over the last couple of years they are showing more and more that they now think they dont have to work for SOME of their customers further custom.....'multiplats multiplats' is the new cry and what ms rely heavily on.
#5.1 (Edited 1185d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Hicken  +   1184d ago
You know why I, as a PS3-only gamer, am "worried" about what's happening?

Cuz I like games, and I like gaming.

I want reasons to buy a 360. The back catalog has some great games in there, but I want new stuff, too. I've already got Lost Odyssee, and it's awesome, so I know there's good stuff on the system.

What I don't know (well, actually, I DO know) is whether or not Microsoft will make games like those in the future. So far, the answer is looking like a resounding "No."

I won't be playing anything online for 360; I'd need more than Halo (which I generally suck at, though I enjoyed Reach) to convince me to pay for XBL. I'd need more than Forza (which is a great game for some, and its production values do show), which isn't more appealing to me than GT5. I'd need more than Gears, which would only be one game. And I'd be a fool to pay for online just for the opportunity to even play the demos for XBLA games, like Alan Wake pretty much will be.

Kinect is a cool piece of tech, but I haven't seen its functionality be successful outside of dance and party games. And although I may go to quite a few parties, I don't throw a lot, myself, so it wouldn't suit my gaming needs.

Oh, yeah, the multiplat excuse. Did I mention I'm a PS3-only owner? It's the console I prefer- especially for the controller- to play my games on. Assuming we're talking online play- and you somehow missed my reasons for not paying for Gold above- all my friends have a PS3(even if many do have a 360 as well, quite a few no longer even buy Live), so that's where I'd be playing all the multiplats.

I want games. More games. More CORE games. Right now, I'd have to look elsewhere for them, instead of on the 360.
hellvaguy  +   1184d ago
"I want reasons to buy a 360"
Um its 6 years into its life cycle, no u dont. Plus your firmly locked into trolling 360 articles, just roll with that bro. No need to have an identity crysis.
Hicken  +   1184d ago
Yeah, okay.

There are only a few things I do here on N4G.

One is to keep abreast of new game and system news. As a gamer, I stay vested in this. And, as someone who sells games and systems, it's smart to keep up on the latest gaming news to tell to my customers. (That's been something of a staple in my comment history; checking this site out on the PS3 at work is the only reason I know this place even exists.) Given that this was about games coming out next year- which I could potentially be interested in, myself, or could contain information that would be of interest to my customers.

Third is offer my opinion on things that interest me. This includes calling somebody out when they say something obviously wrong or stupid, and it also includes situations like right now: people are getting the wrong idea, and I'm setting em straight.

Wanna call me a fanboy? Go right ahead.You're the only one who can change your mind, and I don't feel like wasting my time trying. But I don't try and pretend: I don't like Microsoft. Doesn't mean I have no interest in 360 games.
StrongMan  +   1185d ago
Sigh, looks like my Xbox won't get turned on at all next year.

Also an Xbox is only needed to play 2 of those 4 games so how are they exclusive?
iMpuTeD  +   1185d ago
kind of sad lineup. i thought the witcher 2 was comin to ps3 also?
DonaldBeck  +   1185d ago
it will, lol they always do XD
DarkBlood  +   1185d ago
it'll come but slowly considering the size of that company making it
caboose32  +   1185d ago
A total of 5, and 2 of them are already on PC. Damnit M$.
DarkBlood  +   1185d ago
Halo 4 and Mass effect 3 for me so far unless there are anything else i feel like im missing
CHARLIEBROWNE  +   1185d ago
You missing this superman!

DarkBlood  +   1185d ago
lol well sadly i dont own a kinect not enough to justify a purchase anyways i cant imagine that video shot of halo reach being real? not much exclusive non kinect games to buy for 360
#9.1.1 (Edited 1185d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
Relientk77  +   1185d ago
Kinect Star Wars

that made me laugh, that game looks awful
coryok  +   1185d ago
[not sure how x360s keep selling]
WetN00dle69  +   1185d ago
coryok  +   1185d ago
why buy a x360 for multiplats? ps3 does those and exclusives

if youre going to spend $200 on a console might as well get the one that also has exclusives, not to mention you save money with the free online...those exclusives buy themselves lol, kinda like a free game every year, compliments of having a ps3

@inthelab (sorry, no more bubbles!)
i agree, i think advertising is a big part of it, its too bad that microsft has decided to spend like half a billion dollar son marketing, they probably could have developed some pretty awesome games with that money. at least gamers still have other platform holders which develop awesome games, now those gamers just need to support the companies who support them. buy from the platform holder that provides games, not from the platform holder thats spits on you.
#11.1.1 (Edited 1185d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(5) | Report
InTheLab  +   1185d ago

Popped open a Best Buy ad last weekend. The entire game section is all 360 games like Skyrim, MW3, BF3, and a ton of casual crap. Target, Walmart, and Kmarts ad's are the same. There's usually tiny Wii section, but for the most part, the Sunday ads are dominated by MS.

Whenever I watch Disney with my kids, there's usually a Kinect ad every 10 minutes.

The average person has no idea MS has pretty much abandoned the console and the casuals don't care.
WetN00dle69  +   1185d ago

Ah well....I guess its WItcher 2 and Halo 4 for me.
Thank god i also have a PS3.
videoxgamexfanboy  +   1185d ago
ms has really lost its way...kinect is the worst thing to happen to a hardcore 360 gamer.
KMCROC54  +   1185d ago
Buying them all ,plus those not yet mentioned.
KingSlayer  +   1185d ago
chazjamie  +   1185d ago
i honestly dont see what so wrong about that list.
KMCROC54  +   1184d ago
Whats mindblowing is that am getting disagrees for supporting these delveloping house & buying these games.
maniacmayhem  +   1185d ago
This is only what the public knows so far.

Not to mention IF the rumors are true MS could be gearing up for their next console. They still have a lot of job postings up for their studios for game related positions.
#15 (Edited 1185d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Bobby Kotex  +   1184d ago
LOLOL. I just have to laugh at this statement. This was the EXACT thing that was said last year. and What exclusive you got in 2011? Gears 3 and that's it... If there's anything else that was worthy it definitely slipped my radar. Look forward to Halo 4, Alan Wake and the two PC games and nothing else. Trust me, I have a 360 and a PS3 and I'm wondering why the 360 collects so much dust.
#15.1 (Edited 1184d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
maniacmayhem  +   1184d ago
LOLOL, thank god then that there are a ton of other games coming out on 360 that are multiplats. And I am looking forward to Alan Wake and the two PC games since I don't have a gaming PC. As for Halo 4, I'll give it a shot but not a halo fan.
(by the way where was this statement said last year? it may have slipped my radar.)

why does your 360 collect dust? Maybe because you play your ps3 more. Wonder no more I have solved your life's mystery, no charge.

*poof...disappears is a cloud of blue smoke*
CHARLIEBROWNE  +   1185d ago
HALO 4 a tired franchise, kinect star wa...haaaa haaa haa sorry, Fable: The Journey haaa haa haaa haa sorry, haaaaaaa ha haaaaaaa ha haaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaa i can't it's just so funny.

DISAGREES - please http://n4g.com/news/912018/...
#16 (Edited 1185d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
clevernickname  +   1185d ago
So, two Kinect games, Halo, The Witcher and Minecraft. That's an incredibly sad selection of exclusives.

Kinect games excluded, I am really looking forward to the remaining games on the list.
#17 (Edited 1185d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kaveti6616  +   1185d ago
When Microsoft forces games to be exclusive to its console, the PS3 fanboys say, "What the hell Microsoft? Microsoft is paying to keep things exclusive again. Eff them."

When Microsoft doesn't keep games exclusive to its console, the PS3 fanboys say, "Haha, I feel sorry for all those Xbox 360 owning losers. They should have gotten a PS3, where all the exclusives are."

Microsoft can't win. There is nothing Microsoft can do to actually be liked by people who are dead-set on hating them. Because at the end of the day, that's what a fanatic is. A fanatic is someone who will never change their mind, and won't change the subject.

There is no point in reasoning with a fanatic. They create this situation because it suits their mindset.

What's the point?
KMCROC54  +   1185d ago
They do the same when they talk of supporting delvelopers .
FunkMacNasty  +   1184d ago
unless it's Naughty Dog! haha
#18.1.1 (Edited 1184d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report
blumatt  +   1185d ago
No, what people get mad at is paying a third-party developer to make it exclusive or timed-exclusive. What they should be doing with that money is investing in their OWN games and their OWN first party studios.

Wasting money on timed exclusivity is not a good investment. Spending money on a good first party studio that can make games FOR the Xbox and make that new IP something that people will associate with MS and Xbox is what they should do.

Sony takes risks. Some pay off. Some don't. MS is afraid of taking risks. Where is MS's Heavy Rain equivalent? Or LittleBigPlanet? Or Last Guardian? Those diverse genres are what make PlayStation such an appealing brand, since ANY age group with ANY gaming tastes can buy one and have a great time.
chazjamie  +   1185d ago
you proved his point (yes, you are the fanatic)
kaveti6616  +   1185d ago
I doubt that Microsoft can please anyone by purchasing a studio.

The response to it would be, "Oh great, another studio for Microsoft to oppress in to making sequels on their inferior machine."

But when rumors swirl about another God of War game, the fanatics say, "Oh my god, YES! I can't wait. PS3 FTW!"

Human beings - the really stupid ones - live their lives as if it's a fantasy where there are good guys and bad guys. For PS3 fanboys, Sony is the good company and everyone else is a greedy, predatory wannabe.

Remember when Alan Wake was in development hell and Microsoft agreed to fund its completion under the condition that Remedy make the game exclusive to 360?

The backlash was unbelievable. Here you have a game that was never going to be released, and Microsoft saw an opportunity to revive it and get an exclusive out of their investment.

But somehow, that was evil. It was somehow evil that Microsoft still gave Remedy their independence (didn't buy them out) and managed to get an exclusive out of their deal.
#18.2.2 (Edited 1185d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(13) | Report
DigitalRaptor  +   1184d ago

You can understand if people have this opinion on Microsoft based on their track record. Their aquisition of RARE comes to mind.

But really, I think lots of us when we first heard that Microsoft were opening up new studios, like MS Vancouver, they were glad that Microsoft were getting their heads in gear and investing in the future of their brand.

BUT.... What happened to that? We found out that their studios were focused on making Kinect games. Most people are realising that Microsoft are focused on the bottom line more that anything else, at the detriment of the core gamer. It's not hard to see with their latest efforts that they're really just trying to protect their Kinect investment, rather than trying to look forward to a positive future of their brand and where the expectations of gamers (who bought their consoles back in 2005) lie.

The reluctance to trust or think good of Microsoft appears to be justified, like I said, based on their track record.
#18.2.3 (Edited 1184d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
FunkMacNasty  +   1184d ago
@ kaveti6616
Well said. Have a bubble for telling the truth.. after all, speaking your mind here (especially if you must use the word "ps3 fanboy") means the rest of the community will pop your bubs, so here's an extra.

I would like to see more MS exclusives, but at the very least Halo, Gears, and Forza are quality games that keep the player engaged. I think that's what matters most. People can rattle on about the Ps3's hundresds of exclusives, but if they can prove that there are more than 10 worth actually owning, then bravo. Also, if someone actually bought ALL of the 50 or so Ps3 exclusives that released in 2011... i do believe they are the fanatics you speak of!
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1185d ago
Like I say the 360 doesn't need a long list of exclusives as it is still dominating the competition with strong third party titles. There will be more exclusives announced later in 2012 and for those who thinks exclusives are what push console sales need to go back and research NPD sales numbers for 2011. MS usually don't announce everything for the following unlike there competition and majority of those don't even make it out for that year.
#19 (Edited 1185d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
Half-Mafia  +   1184d ago
In what why is the 360 dominating the PS3. The 360 cant dominate with 3rd party titles cause them titles are also on the PS3 along with a long list of PS3 exclusives. And if its in sales then thats wrong aswell because the PS3 has out sold the 360 all year, apart from Nov & Dec. which every1 made out that cause MS sold 1.7m consoles that its destroying the PS3. simple fact is no.
hazardman  +   1185d ago
My Xbox 360 gets plenty of LOVE man, I usually buy all my multiplats on it. My PS3 consist more of Sony exclusives and more of the solo player games.
JaredH  +   1185d ago
I do the same, mostly because all my friends who play games have a 360 and none of them have a ps3 (I'm not exaggerating with none)...
#20.1 (Edited 1185d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Parapraxis  +   1184d ago
Same but reversed. Multiplats/online gaming on PS3, and exclusives. And I use my 360 for Exclusives, I don't pay for Live.
ALL of my friends have PS3's , I'm the only one with both.

So for people who are like me who buy just exclusive 360 titles to play on 360... 2011 wasn't too great and 2012 looks a bit dismal as well, The Witcher 2 and AW:AN look good, probably get Halo 4 for the heck of it.
#20.1.1 (Edited 1184d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
hazardman  +   1184d ago
Don't know why i got all the disagrees, I'm sorry that I own both and I'm not a fanboy of just 1 console. Oh I'm sorry that although FREE(PSN) I enjoy Xbox Live more. I'm sorry I play all the Sony exclusives on my PS3. Im sorry that developers seem to make multiplats work better on Xbox360. I'm sorry that on PS3 you can't be in a party chat and play whatever game you like, Shit i'm sorry I still pay for Xbox Live, I'm sorry that i paid for PS+ and I'm still not able to create a party or do cross game chats or invites or even play my own music and regardless I play on both!!....FANBOYISM is for Losers not GAMERS!!! PSN: Hazardman79 Xbox Live: Lexhazardman79 and YahmudaDeaD
Genecalypse  +   1185d ago
Hazmat13  +   1185d ago
ive been playin some FortressCarft but i cant wait for MineCraft on 360.. but what about PS3? my computer is shit so i cant play on my PC.
LettingGo  +   1185d ago
FortressCraft was all I played on my 360 when I had it. CONSTANTLY! Now, I play Minecraft on my phone all the time. Lol. As soon as my PC is back up and running, I'm getting back into my friends' server.
TheDivine  +   1185d ago
Im hyped for halo 4 because i want to see what 343 can do and im oping they add some new fresh ideas. The witcher 2 is a day 1 as is alan wake (the first is one of my fav games ever). Kinect might finally be worth buying for me because alot of games are dropping that look pretty good. Hope steel batallion and star wars turn out good, fable journey looks like pure rubbish and im a massive fable fan.

Ps3 looks alright with starhawk, tlg, and vs13 but prob only one of those will release in 2012.

My most anticipated platfom for games is the 3ds with snake eater remake, re revelations, kid icaris, tales of the abyss, beyond the labrynth, luigis mansion, paper mario, time travelers, pheonix wright vs proffesor layton, mh tri g, mh4, kh ddd, bravely default and many more. The 3ds is going to have the best library ever and i still need to catch up on ds games.

Too many games but thats a good problem to have.
AgentWD40  +   1185d ago
oh dear the ps3 exclusive whores are out in force
I am happy with both my consoles, PS3 for exculsives. 360 for exclusives and multi plats
hazardman  +   1184d ago
PS3 Fanboys are out in full force...
LettingGo  +   1185d ago
I want to troll, but...it's getting sad now.
Tose  +   1185d ago
what's with all the ps3 defence force pretending to be 360 fanbois in here? Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
Darth Stewie  +   1185d ago
Looks like another multiplat year which ain't a bad thing because alot of great multiplats next year(ME3 Bioshock,GTA5,etc).

BTW as for the list 3 of the games are not exclusive. Alan Wake American nightmare will end up on the PC, Minecraft is on IOS/Android/PC/Mac, and Witcher 2 is on both Onlive/PC.
caboose32  +   1185d ago
EXACTLY. Half the games there are not exclusive.

But they still add them to the list to make it look bigger.
r21  +   1185d ago
halo 4 and alan wake american nightmare are the ones im excited for. the rest, meh.
Hyperbomb69  +   1185d ago
Halo 4 is the best exclusive they have, and its just another rehash. 360 couldnt introduce any new IP's this generation that became successful so they just keep feeding you the old stuff we played last gen and abandoned core gamers for all the kinect crap. I could play most of the Xbox 360's exclusives on my PC and just play multiplats and exclusives on my PS3. There really is no need for an Xbox anymore unless you are a hardcore Halo/Gears fan...
JaredH  +   1185d ago
I'm just curious, do you go in every Nintendo article and use the same argument about new IPs?
Hyperbomb69  +   1184d ago
Nope. Im not a Sony/PS3 fanboy I just hate the Xboox 360 because its extremely overrated.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1185d ago
Yeah I'm done with Xbox, sticking with PC. The lack of exclusives is too much. I mean before xbox had a great line of exclusives, now there isn't even a reason to buy xbox games except Halo 4....
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