Getting started with strategy-RPGs

Strategy-RPGs can be rather daunting. Hopefully, this quick primer can help you find the starter title that is right for you!

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Megaman_nerd2546d ago

I haven't played many Strategy games but from the ones I have played (all of them Japanese) I really liked Shining Force 3, Valkyria Chronicles and one based on the Tenchi Muyo! anime for the Snes. I tried playing the Super Robot Taisen series but didn't like them and the same with Disgaea, I just can't stomach that series' humor. I kinda liked the Namco X Capcom game but the story is soooo bad.

For introduction I think nothing gets more basic than this one: I almost beat when I was a kid.

coryok2546d ago

final fantasy tactics was my first SRPG, its also my favorite to date. theres one thing that always sets me back about SRPGs and thats that they seem to always have one whole team move every character they have and then have the whole other team move every character they have.

i liked how final fantasy tactics has every character getting a turn, not teams of characters, makes the battles have much more depth. does anyone else agree with me? lol

Chrono2546d ago

Fire Emblem + Shining Force = best

Matrix2k2546d ago

I a play more srpgas than anything and there have been a ton of new ones this gen

Tdmd2546d ago

So, is Disgaea so bad for beginers? My first srpg was Valkyria Chronicles and I loved it. Now I was thinking about trying Disgaea 4. Is is too hard on new comers?

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