Google to make your next-gen console

Google is not just a search engine its on a quest to take over the technology world and gaming hardware could be its next move

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miyamoto2166d ago

Sony is expanding its online-music business by forging a partnership with Google Inc.

blaaah2165d ago

Dude, you don't have to bring Sony into everything.. you know

miyamoto2164d ago

So Google is everything now?

user8586212165d ago

And that has what to do with this article??

BlackBusterCritic2165d ago

NOOOOOOO! Keep google far away from gaming. Just look at Youtube!

RedDragan2165d ago

Yeah... 1080p video and live music recordings. Really bad this YouTube thing is.


GearsOfWar2165d ago

Think of it this way. Almost EVERY video around the net has been uploaded to YouTube. The CIA has gone on record that they monitor YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. This may seem harmless but it can be a very bad thing.

What's to stop the media or the government from censoring what they don't want us to know?

I've seen it firsthand. A building blew up during the Fukushima incident. Videos were uploaded on YouTube and then immediately taken down. Again and again they were censored and then ultimately the censorship ended and the media finally released information about it when there were just too many videos of it floating around.

That's just an example of how YouTube can be bad. We don't need the same kind of control, censorship, or privacy issues that Google's other services have on a gaming console.

TheDivine2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

@ GearsOfWar

Thats acually a good thing. Youtube made the info come out it wouldnt have been seen otherwise. Governments monitoring youtube doesnt mean that youtube is bad it means the govts are. The more avenues to release information to people the better.

Would you rather there be no wiki, youtube, twitter, facebook, and the like? We could go back to printed newspapers and local news broadcasts thats much harder to sensor/s

GearsOfWar2164d ago

Well that's true too but I think that multiple sources would benefit us more.

Monopolies are never a good thing, and YouTube is becoming one fast. Similar sites are there and offer the same thing but don't have near the traffic YouTube generates so there's no desire to go elsewhere.

Then there's that little trap of a right bar of related videos that seems to entangle us even more.

I'd feel much better knowing that there would be alternatives that would get just as much exposure as one site. When one guy holds all the cards, he's the only one winning.

Proxy2165d ago

Yeah, it probably would be a casual machine, but they might make it an open platform meaning anyone could publish games to it, a lot like Android. It would have lots of games and be a very attractive target for indie developers who just want to make a game, and want to avoid the hassles of publishing on Live or PSN.

Tonester9252165d ago

Wasn't there a rumor with Google Chrome coming to the PS3? If anything thats what they should do

Burackus2165d ago

Lol did anybody read all of it, "microsoft is king of the hill" lmao

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The story is too old to be commented.