Warhawk Competition

Threespeech writes:

"Calling all trench monkeys, starting next week, we will be running a Warhawk Competition open to 32 Three Speech users. There will be two preliminary sessions of 16 people with a final featuring the top four from each group, thus eight in total.

Listen closely as this is about to get detailed.

The first preliminary session will take place on Monday December 10 at 5pm (GMT) and will be made up of three games. The first two will be 10 minute warm ups - death matches. The third game will be a 15 minute dogfight to ensure it's a level playing field. The top four players from the dogfight will proceed to the final.

The second preliminary session will take place on Wednesday December 12, also at 5pm (GMT) and will be in the same format as the first preliminary session.

The final will take place on Friday December 14, again at 5pm (GMT), with eight finalists. There will be one 10 minute warm up game which will be a free for all. The final game to decide the first, second and third places will be a 20 minute dogfight.

The games need to start at 5pm (GMT) to ensure we can monitor the winners of each round. The password will only be given out to the 16 people playing in each game and we will need everybody's PSN ID so that we can verify the correct people are playing. Players can only take part on their allocated day.

To take part please make sure you will be available to play at 5pm (GMT) on all days and mail us at [email protected] with your name and PSN ID, so we can confirm your place in the respective game and send you the password.

The first, second and third place winners will receive a rather nice Warhawk trophy."

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visage3905d ago

... is this open to everyone or just europe?

Vip3r3905d ago

Well seeing that it's Threespeech I'm guessing it is Europe only but you could still email them and ask.

ALItheWISE3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

I will still be at work at 5pm and im in texas.....

Relientk773905d ago

wow pretty serious fragings coming ppls way