GameSpy gives 1/5 to Wii's Star Trek

GameSpy writes:
"It's Star Trek in name only, and not a good game besides.

You don't have to buy it; the game loads.

Horrific misuse of the license; comically bad gameplay; everything else. "

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MK_Red3823d ago

Shamefull Bethesda to have it's name on such a bad game even though they didn't develope it.

lynx1halo3823d ago


Lord Cheese3823d ago

when was the last decent star trek game anyway? I dont remember hearing of a half decent one since Star Trek:Armada...

MK_Red3823d ago

I heard the Star Trek: Legacy was a good game and got some decent reviews if I'm not mistaken.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3823d ago

Lair is better. Way better!

Brainiac 83823d ago

The only Star Trek games worth playing were the Point & Click Star Trek games from the nineties on the PC.

Those were great, everything since then has been major drek.

MK_Red3823d ago

I also liked one of Star Trek games on Genesis, the one that was an adventure / platfrom with 2D graphics like Prince. What was it's name... can't remember.

Brainiac 83823d ago

It was the Deep Space 9 game...Crossroads of Time.

I think that was the only one to hit the Genesis.

midgard2293823d ago

any game not made by nintendo on the wii sux, well if its not a party game that is

MK_Red3823d ago

Generally it's true but there is one big exception: Zack & Wiki, a non-party non-Nintendo game that actually rocks.

Brainiac 83823d ago

Unless you have played the other ones, you speak out of ignorance.

The reason I say this is I have several that are very much worth playing:

Mercury Meltdown Revolution
Geometry Wars: Galaxies
Zack & Wiki
My Sims

These five were all great games, and really well done. My Sims had horrible load times, but was still a top notch Sims spin off with an anime/chibi twist.

Don't speak if your don't know, young just makes you look silly.

ItsDubC3823d ago

midgard loves trolling the Wii section and the funniest thing about it is that he doesn't even think he's trolling. I wonder what motivates someone on such a persistent hate crusade?

Brainiac 83823d ago

His mommy and daddy didn't love him enough?

ItsDubC3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

lol, moms and dads out there: Please love your children for the sake of promoting positivity in society.

EDIT @Brainiac:

I know it's an honest mistake but you forgot Trauma Center! =D

MK_Red3823d ago

Good list Brainiac 8 but I have to disagree with My Sims, the rest are great:
Elebits - 8/10 Awesome

Mercury Meltdown Revolution - 8/10 for those that played the PSP version (Me). 9/10 for those that missed it.

Geometry Wars: Galaxies - Didn't play but it looks good.

Zack & Wiki - 11/10, One of the best games of 2008.

My Sims - 5/10 Not a bad game but not good enough either IMO.

Brainiac 83823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

MySims is the weakest on my list, but it's not near as bad as some of the schlock companies have thrown at the Wii. For a first effort to do a Sims spinoff, it was quite enjoyable. (But those load times kill me, even EA should be better than that.)

Oh I forgot Resident Evil: UC and Medal of Honor Heroes 2...which were in a word...Awesome.

Plus look down the line at what the Wii has in store next year:

Dragon Quest Swords. (Looks awesome)
No More Heroes. (The new Suda 51 project, and it looks bloody great)
Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers
Samba De Amigo (I have been pining for a new version since the DC)
Space Station Tycoon. (Assuming it's still in production, it looks quirky and fun.
Opoona (original RPG for the Wii that looks great IMO)
Monster Lab (original RPG by Sega that looks promising.)

Plus there have been hints that Elebits 2 is in the works now, which would be a dream come true for me.

I'm sure there is more, but I'm tired and it's still the morning.

MK_Red3823d ago

True. My Sims is definitly better than many of 3rd party Wii games. RE:UC is also awesome. Don't know much about MOH:H2. I'm not a fan of series but the controls seem really good.

I'm eagerly anticipating Samba De Amigo and No More Heroes along with NiGHTs Wii.

Brainiac 83823d ago

I can't believe I forgot about Nights 2.

I still love the original, and the sequel is the one game I'm spending money on this month. It just looks beautiful, and proves that video games can be art.

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