Gamespot Reviews Tabula Rasa

Gamespot writes:

"Nitpicks aside, Tabula Rasa's take on the genre is unique enough to make it worth playing. It's fun and action-packed, and if you can get a good group together, the instanced areas are a blast. It's got its share of problems and plenty of room to grow. But if you want something different and surprisingly entertaining, you'll probably find a lot to like about Tabula Rasa."

Score: 7.5

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gamesblow3824d ago

I think 7.5 is as high as Gamespots review meter goes... I think they need to update their system. What a bunch of SLAP ASSES.

HarryEtTubMan3824d ago

NCSoft has said this is also coming to PS3

Relientk773824d ago

it looks like a pretty good game... yea 7.5/10 for a gamespot review... means the game is pretty damn good

IGNFTW3824d ago


goldenxbox3824d ago

I checked the demo and its easily a 6.5, face it fellow gamers they have no credibility left !!!

Don't give anymore attention to a washed up website, delete them from your bookmarks !!!