Skyrim PC Gets Huge Nvidia Performance Guide

Skyrim should run smoothly - on PC - wth Nvidia's latest tweak guide, which gives players all the info they need to get the best performance out of the game.

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decrypt2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

The games already very optimized, runs great on low to midrange hardware.

Edit: not really optimized its just that it has to work on the lowest denominator too (consoles), which is why old PC hardware plays this very well.

kcuthbertson2358d ago

If it was very optimized, I would be able to run it at 60 FPS, 1080P with no lag on my 580...but I travel to towns like Morthal and Whiterun, and suddenly Skyrim becomes a slideshow.

Grip2358d ago

AMD and their update are pain in arse.

reynod2358d ago

I have personally stopped buying AMD hardware. I think Nvidia is just better because of the superior drivers, the little extra paid is easily justified by superior drivers, Physx, 3D vision.

Bolts2358d ago

Being bought by AMD is the worst thing to ever happen to ATI. Before that ATI at least made an attempt to compete in terms of drivers and support but after the merger they don't even try anymore. It really shows in their numerous new release driver issues.

Hopefully ATI can break away from AMD before they're dragged into the same abyss. Maybe by then they'll learn that good hardware simply isn't enough.

SnakeCQC2358d ago

i have had a 6850 for about 6 months and have been buying the latest games including skyrim and playing them all on high or maxed out at 1080p with 50- 60 fpsin most of the case higher but i use v sync

ProjectVulcan2358d ago

I have always had a variety of hardware in the past decade, from Radeon 9800s and X800s, Geforce 6 and 7, X1900s and such but recently have been falling on the side of nvidia, even when their price/performance ratio is not totally favourable compared to AMD.

Problems like this in major games has often seemed to drop for AMD. RAGE was yet another recent game where Nvidia got it right (as right as they could with the game broken anyway) and AMD screwed up, although they did correct it fairly rapidly i admit.

death2smoochie2358d ago

I wish the developers would have went with the PC direction first, then the consoles.
Would have been nice to see DX11 used mostly and good optimization support for tessellation and shader model 5.0.

Instead we get DX9.0 and all that goes with it...
Not saying the game looks bad...on the contrary it looks good, however they could have done so much more with it in terms of visuals for the PC, however they had to make it roughly the same because of consoles.

SnakeCQC2358d ago

i find it funny that all nvidia detect tools say my 6850 can barely run games on low settings but in most i can high to max at 1080p

jozzah2358d ago

And yet with a Quad core and a 580gtx my fps still drops terribly in cities and other places.

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