Bugs and Resignation (C&G Magazine)

Wayne Santos writes: "Bethesda, in a timely effort to correct the bugs that have come to light since the release of Skyrim released a patch that now brings the game up to 1.2. Among the things that the patch is supposed to fix are the performance issues on the PS3 and the disabling of normal texture resolution on the Xbox 360 when players install the game to their hard drive instead of pulling data from the DVD. While the new patch has alleviated some problems (it hasn't completely eliminated the lag issues on the PS3, but has made them less prominent) it has also introduced a new series of bugs."

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ZBlacktt2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Again, not everyone is having these so called issues some are trying to talk about. If the game was really running that bad. I would not have over 245 missions done and 177 hours played in the last 18 days since owning the game. Why is not everyone seeing dragons flying backwards? Or heads/faces not showing up? Again because it's all random.