Why does your companion hate Skyrim?

Ever wonder why your companion does not like it when you play Skyrim? Follow the link for more information.

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futurefrog2294d ago

Love this! My girlfriend dumped my ass because I cheated on her with Skyrim. Atleast Skyrim still loves me :)

bumnut2294d ago

Who needs a girlfriend when you have Skyrim and Jizzbox :)

futurefrog2294d ago

Can I borrow your jizz box, mine is full.

Qwerty912294d ago

What is a Jizzbox? Are you collectively storing your Jizz in a box? What do you plan on doing with it?

LinkageAX2294d ago

So that's what you call your kleenex storage unit.

Laxman2294d ago

Create an army of super soldiers.

bumnut2294d ago

I think I need to clarify, Jizz Box is a site like Porn Hub.


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discordman2294d ago

I have a bottle, a bit more uncomfortable, but it gets the job done

RioKing2294d ago

Fleshlight -_-

Shits legit.

masterabbott2294d ago

I think companions should learn to love you for who you are and what games you play... this is a requirement before you start going out ...

do you like video games = ? YES goto next question
do you like Skyrim ? = YES then your hired - NO = then get the hell out !!

ScubaSteve12294d ago

yes i am great to be single and play skyrim but yet i am so lonely

koga882294d ago

My girlfriend used to hate Skyrim then she took an arrow in the knee.

Janitor2294d ago

My wife loves Skyrim, because I don't bug her for sexy time as much when I'm playing games.

Mutant-Spud2294d ago

Sexy time while playing Skyrim would be the goal then?

Janitor2294d ago

That would be great, I knew I was neglecting her too much when I found my Move controller hidden in her underwear drawer.

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