Eidos forum mod kills journalist firing discussions; GameSpot mod blames CNET

Games publisher Eidos has deleted hundreds of user complaints from its forums following claims that a journalist was fired for his negative review of its new game, Kane and Lynch. "There will be no further discussion", an Eidos forum administrator bluntly warned visitors, describing the complaints, some of which were abusive, as "ugly spam".

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solar3883d ago

this story is everywhere o.O

TOM3883d ago

Its simple.I don't need GameSpot or Cnet,and I don't need eidos.Its not like my life is going to be lacking anything now that I have three companies I don't deal with.There are more than enough companies to fill to void that they filled.All three of these guys were "b list" anyway. No loss to any of us if they go out of business

Kleptic3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

while Gamespot has pretty much always sucked...I did think Gerstmann was a pretty cool guy...great on the podcast, and for the most part one of the only guys over there that really defended each platform on their own strengths...

but the point is...Kane and Lynch sucks...I don't know what the big deal is...its looked like a ps2 game since day 1...has nothing interesting gameplay wise...and never looked any better than average to pretty much all of us...

if Cnet/gamespot or whoever IS taking ad money over fair journalism than that obviously blows the lid off what everyone has been whining about this generation...if a game publisher can manipulate what people will say about their shat game with BM threats...there is no reason to even bother with reviewing games anymore...

I think this story runs pretty deep into the gaming media...this guy has been around the industry for a very very long time...and it apparent he was fired for something...I would some sort of response from him within the next week...if this is why he got kicked, I am sure he will let some other site no about it...

socomnick3882d ago

I agree he was hilarious on the video podcast.

TheMART3883d ago

Eidos sounds like you have played Hitler there... DICTATORS aren't appriciated...

chrno63883d ago

More like Bush, since the dumb administrator fails to realize that this will backfire.

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The story is too old to be commented.