Gamespot Readers Push Back

Apparently gamers aren't very pleased with Gamespot's removal of Editorial Director Jeff Gerstmann.

From the article: "According to a forum thread on their site, more than 400 of Gamespot's paid subscribers have already cancelled their subscriptions in direct protest of the move, with many more vowing to do so if Gamespot and parent company CNET do not answer up to the fairly heavy charges of putting advertising dollars ahead of editorial integrity."

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xaphanze3913d ago

now thats more like it.That guy just lost his job because he was completely honest.

AddisonW3913d ago

That fatass got his fat ass fired for being an obnoxious little punk.

Buh bye loser, ya feeling badass now you jobless fatass?

Gamespot-equals-EGM3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

OMG, Gamespot just lost a whole $16,000 (vs hundreds of thousands from sponsers) /sarcasm

IMO, Gamespot users are the worst. They're generally immature and uninformed as hell. Once this situation fades away (in about 3-4 weeks), the subscribers will come back like dumb sheep. Gamespot users are dense like that.

But seriously, only an idiot would pay for a site where most of the stuff is free. I doubt CNET is stressing over this because most of their revenue comes from ads.

Gamespot is a better place without Jeff Gerstmann. Bring in the new, better blood.

Mr_Kuwabara3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

The way that you expressed your comment was totally unnecessary.

unlimited3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

He might get this review right but how about all the other ones?? Do we know that he got bribed for other games that he reviewed? Gamespot review no longer have any credibility..I dont support anyone working at gamespot... Jeff is not the only reason why they pulling out..Its the fact that their accepting money to give high scores. Its really shameful that all this need to happen and now we will be caution about other reviews out there for game from now on..

waltercross3913d ago

he was honest, but what some people don't understand is how he presented the review, very harsh, even mean, and at one point even swore?, I wont curse this guy, but he needs to chill a bit, not be so uptight.

barom3913d ago

As was Jeff's video review.

Jeff's an "ugly ugly ugly" fatass. He looks ugly, his personality is ugly, his childhood was probably ugly and basically everything about the guy is ugly.

consolewar3913d ago

really ugly person. You are not going to like it.

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Real gamer 4 life3913d ago

This is good the gaming community has spoken. Every real gamer out there has spoken we dont want gamespot. all they want is money, there greedy. I cancelled my account and i hope every one elso does the same, lets not support these guys no more.

Bubble Buddy3913d ago

There should be more biased reviewers. (Y). Gamespot deserves it.

solar3913d ago

man, its still only speculation. we dont know for sure what happened. i hate gamespot just as much as a bunch of other ppl, but we are on a witch hunt that i dont see justified yet. i do hope their protest and cancellation brings the truth out so i can hate the truth, not the speculation.

consolewar3913d ago

to lash out for PS3 shortcomings.....oh well. You are right let's wait.

solar3913d ago

thats right, i totally forgot how GS hosed ME....well according to the xbox fanboi's. use your brain...i know your smarter than that.

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The story is too old to be commented.