Amazing Amaterasu

Paper craft expert Richi89 at deviantART has created an amazing sculpture of Amaterasu from Okami.

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oddexarcadia2311d ago

So do I. Okami is one of the best games I ever played and it's great to see a fan create something this creative. His other work is amazing too. He has some dragons that are breath taking also.

ndl15312311d ago

its awesome . oooooh capcom please rerelease a remasterd version of okami on psn damit that would make my year . okami was one of the most wonderful games i have ever played . it deserves to get a rerelease in hd form .

oddexarcadia2311d ago

If only I could give you more than 1 Agree and a stack of Bubbles. Okami is one game I would gladly pay the full new game price for off of PSN. It deserves an HD release.

ndl15312310d ago

thanx man yea that game is magical . it took me like 72 hrs to beat it was deep . and the story plus the art style man its an amazing game . whats sad is that it didn't do so well and a little after that clover was shut down but its a great time right now to rerelease this gem hopefully it gets the sales it deserves . dam just hope capcom makes it happen . would love to play it all over again

oddexarcadia2310d ago

I do have hope that it is in the works. Currently another Clover game, GodHand, is available on PSN through the PS2 Classic section. Here's to hoping!