Ed Boon talks Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat co-creator on the DS, censorship and how the video game industry has changed over the years.

Videogamer Writes:

"Mortal Kombat has been around for as long as I can remember, and the series is due to hit the Nintendo DS next week. caught up with series co-creator Ed Boon to talk about the DS hardware, censorship and how the video game industry has changed over the years."

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MK_Red3917d ago

Super uber duper find :)
Anything about MK is essential read for me. Hope they show more of MK8 soon.

cr33ping_death3917d ago

ARMAGGEDON was a disaster. i hope they get their act together and make a kick @ss game

BloodySinner3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Mortal Kombat Armageddon and Mortal Kombat Deception were rubbish that's for sure. And I really don't see the purpose of buying UMK3 for the Nintendo DS.

I already have UMK3 for Xbox Live Arcade AND the limited edition of MK: Armageddon came with a full version game of UMK3 ready for play.

If I wanted to play Puzzle Kombat, I'd just bust out my copy of MK: Deception and play it on my PS2. So unless you're an uber MK fan like Mr. Red over there, you'd get it.

MK_Red3917d ago

While I kinda agree on Armageddon (Weak ending, no new gameplay additions and terribly lacking fatalities), I believe MK:Deception was actually really good (It won most of the best fighter of E3 awards and got 8.5/10 from GameSpot and higher scores for other sites).

But as cr33ping_death said, I do hope they get their act together and make a kick @ss game.

xionpunk3917d ago

ah I was so excited about Armageddon but it was just too boring...Deadly Alliance was sweet.

Tyrael3917d ago

Well they're using the same engine they used in Gears of War to create Mortal Kombat 8, so I have high hopes at the very least for the graphics, environments, etc...

xionpunk3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

I can't help it...

inspired by GEars? Hmmm, this could be kick ass.

ion6663917d ago

need to get rid of the lead artist make it more lifelike and get some mo-cap,and by some miracle let it move like soul like gears of war and uncharted with a dose of darkness blood effects.voila you have the perfect mk game now do ed boon you self righteous bastard.