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Penny Arcade vs. IGN on Assassin's Creed review

Penny Arcade's Gabe writes: "I guess some guy at IGN is mad at me and he lays into me on their podcast. [...] Basically some IGN guy is super pissed because I said I didn't agree with the bad reviews of Assassin's Creed. I'm actually of the opinion that if we're pissing off IGN we must be doing something right.

Honestly my main concern was to make sure people didn't avoid the game based on some of the poor reviews."

"The IGN thing is just sort of silly. He says I should leave reviewers alone because I 'just do things and write things as a freaking comic artist.' I'm not sure how to respond to that. I think he's trying to insult me but everything he said there is true.

The sad thing is I wasn't even talking about their review. I was talking about the 7.0 from 1UP. No one actually pays any attention to IGN or their 7-10 review scale." (Assassin's Creed, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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The Killer  +   2466d ago

all in the same category (bias against ps3 and with 360) but IGN is better than the other two!!

if someone think other wise please inform me about it!!
toughNAME  +   2466d ago
- bubble for annoying conspiracy theories...grow up man
Omegasyde  +   2466d ago
- bubble for ignoring the truth. Look at the muliplatform games and compare the same game on different consoles on Gamespot.

& you have a picture of Bush as your avatar.
actas123  +   2466d ago
Who said conspiracy... Its all about the money baby...Marketing departments are all busy giving away money to those reviewer kids.. I think big corporations are gonna start taking over this reviewing business very soon, u'll see. Its profit potential is currently under estimated.. But ounce the big dogs think its worth it they'll jump in..
toughNAME  +   2466d ago
look ill give you that...lets just PRETEND Gamespot is paid off by Microsoft

Uncharted - out 24 reviews - 88%
Gamespot gave this game an 8/10
even if gamespot gave it a 9/10...it would have no effect on the average

Halo 3..out of 82 reviews - 93%
again...Gamespot review matters very little...when you look at the average

So, unless you mean to say, that the entire global media is paid off by Microsoft, which I doubt, minus bubble for incredibly stupid ideas..seriously man..opne your mind! Sony can and does make mistakes


look at my avatar closer
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KidMakeshift  +   2466d ago
I can't wait for Oprah to review games and Dr. Phil can be the second opinion to each one.

If she hates a game, she'll invite the developers on to her show and ridicule them.

It'd be awesome if she hated Assassin's Creed and invited Jade Raymond on. It'd be like "A Million Little Pieces" all over again.
actas123  +   2466d ago
"Sony can and does make mistakes " umm I think that is off topic here.. We are all talking about a game that supposedly no good on both systems what does Sony has to do with this..
TheSadTruth  +   2466d ago
Who honestly gives a flying fu** what some random online comic book artist things. If IGN and 1up think Assassin's Creed is a 7.0 then just shut the fu** up and try to write your own reviews.
Husso  +   2466d ago
Ign was rigth Assassins sucks!

others simply bought into the hype + its on the 360 they had to give it high scores.
Skerj  +   2466d ago
This has nothing to do with either console, it's about THE GAME. Which I agree with both sides, yes AC was a good game with an excellent story. It was also repetitive, hollow, and buggy as hell on BOTH SYSTEMS.
J@D  +   2466d ago
AMEN!. Bubble.
FCOLitsjustagame  +   2466d ago
A guy that writes his opinion for a living having a problem with another person having an opinion. Also funny how some people think other people are talking about them.

As for assassins, I actually had a good time with it. Its better then some games in some respects and worse in others. In the end I felt it was a good game but not necessarily a great game. I would give it around an 8.
vaan  +   2466d ago
A friend on my PSN buddy list messaged me last night to say Assasins Creed on the ps3 is horrible. He said the frame rate is really low compared to the 360 version. Is this true? This is coming from someone who was physically playing the game when I asked him how it was.
crippler666  +   2466d ago
I own Assassins Creed and have suffered no frame rate or crashing issues. I only use SD so weither or not it is a HD problem or not I do not know.
KidMakeshift  +   2466d ago
The IGN guy was more concerned with the fact that Penny Arcade has never been funny. Seriously, that comic is horrible. It's basically five panels of babel then a dead punchline to the ongoing joke.
ThichQuangDuck  +   2466d ago
IGN is trustable
but the ign 360 reviewer is horrible he is sometimes right on the money and other times completely off i feel the score should of been 8.2 but he can take his halo 3 9.5 and Halo story is amazing with him. I am not going to go on a hate essay for Halo but i might just make one , well anyway Halo 3 deserves 9.0-8.8 at best because multiplayer gets old fast adds nothing new, no matter what anyone says the graphics are not really that good and do not get me wrong i do have the game and like to play it but it isnt as good as Halo 2. Hilary Goldstein cannot review because i said so.
Ares84  +   2466d ago
I own A.C. as well
And I have to tell you guys that if you have a chance than get this game. I have the PS3 version and oh man it's beautifull! No problems what so ever...loading times are ok too! The game itself is fantastic! My game of the year (and belive me I playd a lot this year inc: Crysis, Gears of War, Uncharted, R&C, COD4, GH3 just to name a few) but A.C. is much better than any of those. I've been waiting for a game like this!! I strongly suggest that everyone who has a chance get this game! It's a must have!!
alc  +   2466d ago
Kids, kids.
Stop your squabbling. Sooner or later you'll come to realise that assigning a number to an experience as subjective as a videogame is a thoroughly meaningless exercise. Predictably, IGN responded to PA pointing this out - after all, it's their job to assign numbers to games like it means something - and a little drama never hurt, so sling a bit of aggro in the next podcast and watch it polarise dens like this one all over the internet.


Forget the numbers. Take the time to read a few reviews from a few different reviewers, and make your purchasing decisions on that.
djroberts  +   2466d ago
While I'd love to agree with the Penny Arcade guy, he's wrong. The IGN review is completely fair. I like the game a lot. I have the PS3 version but come on, we got to judge technical quality and variety as well which this game seriously lacks.

There's really only a few things you can do over and over. Pick pocket, easedrop, interrogate, and assassinate for an informant. It's all canned, rinse, wash and repeat style play with some decent to good but not great story.

Technically the framerates suck, the game crashes, it get's errors which keep you from accomplishing things...

Score one for IGN on this. Btw, most all of the American magazine are biased toward 360 as you see the Japanes are the same for PS3.
jackdoe  +   2466d ago
I thought it was pretty petty for IGN and Penny Arcade to pretty much have a fanboy war. Leave that to the readers.
alc  +   2466d ago
"Technically the framerates suck"
You're playing the PS3 version, so yeah. We did a side-by-side here at work and the framerate noticeably lower in certain areas. For the PAL versions, at least. I haven't been following the progress of the PS3 version but the 360 one hasn't crashed yet.

"Btw, most all of the American magazine are biased toward 360 as you see the Japanes are the same for PS3."
Well, you've just admitted that the PS3 version has framerate issues. Isn't this indicative of why the PS3 has been getting lower scores for the same games? That and a lack of coherent online offerings? If the PS3 version of a game is the same as the 360 version but with slightly less to offer, reviewers pretty much have to score it lower. Don't they?

Let's not get into Japan's xenophobic and pretty openly corrupt video game reviewing system, I'll concede your point on PS3 games getting better reviews there although I can't say I honestly check any more. I do know that Famitsu gave Assassin's Creed a 36 (9-9-9-9), which is refreshingly un-racist on their part, so maybe they're getting better, who knows.
KidMakeshift  +   2466d ago
X-Play gave Assassin's Creed a 5 out of 5

They didn't address any of the issues people are having in their review.

I like the game but 3 is more appropriate
Big ambition, but poor execution in gameplay

You gotta love the throwing knives though

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