Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core reviewed by CVG

CVG writes:

"Crisis Core is a fine PSP adaptation of FFVII's key qualities, taking inspiration from its dramatic cutscenes and magic (Materia still has a big role), but cutting away the fat (lengthy wandering, and an overlong centre) to present the critical core of FFVII's enduring spirit."


"Crisis Core is more than a nostalgia trip for FFVII fans - it's a fresh and exciting game in its own right, and arguably the single most impressive application of the PSP's power."

Score: 9/10

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TriggerHappy3954d ago

Why not a 10/10 ? or is it because is a "playstation" portable game ?

ravinash3954d ago

if something is 10 out of 10, then it has to be perfect.

MaximusPrime_3954d ago

if the game is going to be that good, i gotta get it.

White-Sharingan3954d ago

I have the japanese version of Crisis Core

its a very good game IMO, not a perfect game but a 9 is the score I would also give. It sort of reminds me of kingdom hearts but thats just me. The cutscenes are amazing, as you know coming from SE. The gameplay is amazing as well, a must buy IMO.

predator3954d ago

cool, may need to dust of my psp for a decent game at last. anyone know when its out here in the UK?

MaximusPrime_3954d ago

ive been using my psp alot.

mostly remote play with PS3.

killer_trap3954d ago

great review i may get a psp for this game. i generally hate portables, but i might make an exception .

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The story is too old to be commented.