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Submitted by Valay 1552d ago | image

DmC Devil May Cry – full page scans

Check out 10 full page scans of DmC Devil May Cry featuring screenshots and art. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

andron666  +   1552d ago
And let the crying commence...

It looks promising, I like this new punk DMC. Hopefully the game plays well too...
BldyShdw  +   1552d ago
I don't fully agree with the new look but I am tired of everyone complaining about it. The old games are still good and apart from his look (which is supposed to change throughout the story) it looks fine.
Jobesy  +   1552d ago
I don't see why people complain at all. Do they want to make out with Dante or play the game? You just gotta wonder...
OmegaSlayer  +   1552d ago
:( If you people actually listen to what TRUE fans say, the problem is the gameplay, the 30 fps more than everything.
Not the look.

I found the music very inappropriate.

And yes, the biggest fans only hopes that the game will turn out good.
But what they have shown didn't fare well.

Seriously hope that the DMC gameplay masters will help the Ninja Theory guys.

Finally they've started to be humble and listen to the fanbase, and that's the better story.
Godmars290  +   1552d ago
Even if it does, its doubtful that its going to sell well. Too many fans of the franchise are too upset. Capcom has handled this all wrong.
Deadman_Senji  +   1552d ago
I wish people would stop calling it "punk"

this is Punk. Does Don'te look like ANY of these guys?

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Ares84HU  +   1552d ago
Actually, he does. A lot.

People complain because Dante doesn't look like Dante but that Tameem guy. Smoking cigarettes aren't cool, having a Union jack on your coat isn't cool. Looking like an alcoholic or a drug addict isn't cool. That's how the new Dante looks. The change is too drastic.

The gameplay looked like shit as well. DMC fans weren't happy after seeing the boring gameplay and the shit graphics. It's so far from the original games that it's not even funny.

But hey, what do we DMC fans know....after all Tameem know's what's cool, we don't. He said it himself.....the asshole.
Pozzle  +   1552d ago
"Smoking cigarettes aren't cool"

It's a small thing...but this really bothers me, because the original designer said that he deliberately decided not to make Dante a smoker because he didn't want to give off the impression that smoking is cool and he didn't think that smoking would be something that Dante would do.

I know it is technically not the same Dante, but since smoking is something the original designer DELIBERATELY made an effort not to include in the DMC games, it bugs me that the new devs basically said "screw that" and made him a smoker anyway. :/
LeShin  +   1552d ago
I actually don't mind 'too' much about the hair color business....

....I do give a crap that every Devil May Cry (On the bloody PS2 and PS3/Xbox 360) ran at 60fps and this one doesn't..
fei-hung  +   1552d ago
Crying or do you mean finger pointing and running for cover?

Capcom has already made a clear cut statement saying this DMC is set in an alternative universe to the original DMC and the 2 are not the same. Compared to their story before which was this DMC to be a reboot.

The look of Dante has been changed from what it was to more of an emo crackhead look to something a tiny bit less vulgar.

The gameplay has dropped from fast combo crazy swordplay remixed with gunplay 60fps to slow poser friendly 30fps.

From being a mixbreed human / demon he is now a human/demon/angel.

From white hair he has gone to black hair.

Everything what made the game what it is and everything which made people buy into the franchise has been changed and changed for the worst.

Oddly enough, it has taken Crapcom over 1 year to realise the fans were right and signing up NT was a bad mistake as well as chnaging everything DMC stood for.

What will follow is a release of DMC which will probably get mixed reviews (some great and some not so good), NT fans will proclaim it to be the best DMC ever just as they claimed Enslaved was better than U2. Sales will be poor and NT will blame Capcom for making them change the design and not promoting it properly.

Capcom will blame NT for changing the artisic design, history and combat of the game.

Shortly after, Capcom will release a trailer for the return of the real Dante. NT will be pissed off, Capcom won't care and people who love the real Dante will sit patiently and wait for Bayonetta 2 and pray the next true DMC sequel will be half as good as Bayonetta.
andron666  +   1551d ago
I respect that DMC fans have a problem with the new direction. But at the same time there is no denying that DMC 4 was getting a bit stale, so a reboot or a change of direction was in order.

I too have worries about this new game, but I'm not prepared to write it off before it's even released. NT have made good games before so there is a chance this game will turn out well...
showtimefolks  +   1552d ago
unlike many of DMC fans who are hurt about change of directions a bit i am fine with it. as long as the combat is great because that's what DMC games are famous for.

Here is hoping that this DMC turns out ok and the story should be better since NT knows how to do a proper story

also here is hoping capcom do the dmc hd collection justice and does it right unlike Resident evil 4 hd which was at best a lazy job

capcom this gen has fallen off big time and than there was some news about them about to start selling cheat codes for their games lol i mean really?
FreydaWright  +   1552d ago
His appearance reminds me of the white-trash ICP zealots from my high school days. I guess Capcom is appealing to disturbed teenagers now. Good luck with that.
Deadman_Senji  +   1552d ago
This is the evil machination of NT. Although I did hear that NT had originally designed DmC Dante more like classic Dante aka REAL Dante and Capcom told them to completely change it up..
akaFullMetal  +   1552d ago
i don't know, im still not digging the looks of dante, if they were doing a reboot, should of been a new character.
maniacmayhem  +   1552d ago
Don't like the look but if the gameplay stays the same then i'm all in.
Brownghost  +   1552d ago
game looks great and fun, the look is fine with me
DevastationEve  +   1552d ago
>_< I am so pissed that DMC fans won't let Ninja Theory try something new. I am definitely looking forward to this game and I always have been. I don't care that the new Dante looks's a reboot! Companies are doing a lot of reboots lately and the majority have been successful. If DMC fans want the original Dante then they should buy those games and let the people who want to see the franchise take a new direction do so.
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Taz Yamauchi  +   1552d ago
Try something new?? How about give it a NEW name while you are tyring the something new
OmegaSlayer  +   1552d ago
If you want to make something totally new, just start a new franchise, like Darksiders or Asura's Wrath.
The desire and avidity to capitalize on a respected franchise pissing the fans is a big problem
Lord_Sloth  +   1552d ago
A franchise is supposed to be recognizable as a part of that franchise. What NT SHOULD have done was create a new IP.

It's like Gears turning Otaku or Samus Aran getting facial piercings and a haulter top with an arm cannon.

The only DMC I'm buying currently announced is the HD collection.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   1552d ago
it's a long time once fan of capcom,i used to not question buying their games.but as i saw who was responsible for their work,i stopped buying capcom.their quality has suffered without clover studios(platinum games).

but we have a new generation who are willing to get shafted again and again for sub-standard work.then when they buy it,they wonder why they got shafted.capcom has got you again and again,but you new gamers keep coming back.almost as bad as RROD.

"i'll give it a try."still being fools.still buying capcom dlc sold as a new game,still buying their drm,still buying RE games and dmc games as the quality gets worse and worse.but hey,it's all about giving the game a try.then capcom shafts you again.

DMC without shinji and hideki is not DMC.that's just the truth.and the fact that ninja theory is making it tells me that capcom really don't know what to do except know how to take noob money because you don't know better.guess you buy the latest maddens,cods and spiderman games still hoping.still getting shafted.

i'll still play their all time greats of the past made buy great developers who made capcom's games.but if you want better,you shouldn't buy the crap when they sh!t on you.
Deadpool616  +   1552d ago
Yep, that's pretty much the standard at Capcom these days. DLC on the disc...selling unfinished games...killing franchises...ect.
Inception  +   1552d ago
still not buying it

NT post a damage control from saying a reboot to an alternate world
that's mean NT & cashcom felt that this project will be a failure sooner or later
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Deadpool616  +   1552d ago
If people don't complain, then nothing would change. Capcom is being run by greedy idiots that don't see the value in what the fans have to say anymore. They're just riding the coat tails of nostalgia to survive. Which is why they're using the name Devil May Cry when it has nothing to do with Devil May Cry at all.

All this crying and complaining could've been easily been avoided if they just made a New Game with a New Name. Instead of taking advantage of an already establish series.

I think Capcom's just trolling their fans this gen.
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Apocalypse Shadow  +   1552d ago
pretty much.

when i was playing mega man,bionic commando,cyberbots,alien vs predator,street fighter,punisher,darkstalkers, etc in the day,no one...NO ONE... would have uttered the words "SCAMCOM" or "CRAPCOM" back in the day.

it saddens me with the continuous scamming from some of todays developers like capcom.and gamers are just lapping it up.letting it happen and ruining gaming.but wonder why it's all going south.

as a DMC fan,this version is a complete slap in the face.when you don't listen to the fans,they will buy something else.and i have been since clover leaving.
LightofDarkness  +   1552d ago
Unfortunately, it'll take a tragedy like Capcom sinking as a company in order to get the message across to the other publishers/developers. And it could well happen.
atmictacom1975   1552d ago | Spam
Jappy-k7  +   1552d ago
one word to describe this game....UGLY
tiffac008  +   1552d ago
I don't think the remake would have been a big deal if they didn't do all those drastic changes to Dante.

From a Pizza eating, ice cream loving (strawberry flavored and prefers two scoops) guy to a chain smoker... they totally killed what made the original Dante so appealing.

I mean Dante can do all this crazy moves, kick demon butt and yet he still remains a big kid at heart. Not a rebel without a cause!

You just don't change an iconic character like that.

NT and Capcom should have just made a new character and named him someone else, at least they could have kept the game in the same universe.

I truly hope they have a great surprise in store for us with this game because if they don't then they will totally kill the franchise in the eyes of a lot of DMC fans.
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