Infinity Ward Recycles Buildings on MW3 Straight From Cod4

Finallevel: After a little gameplay on the new call of duty modern warfare 3 I discover that not everything in this game has been made from scratch, is this how Activision make it so easy to pump out a new game every single year?

Whilst I don’t think it’s a bad thing to do this in a game I found it quite humorous that they would make it just so obvious.

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JellyJelly2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

For shame, Activision.

inveni02448d ago

It's all about the Benjamins, baby. (Or whoever is on the $60 bill.)

killcycle2448d ago

quoue today for mw3 was so long, milk milk milk

hakis862448d ago

HONESTLY, what did you expect? They've recycled maps before, this time at least it's only buildings (so far???).
Wouldn't surprise me if you have to buy a mappack with a few old levels with new textures.

guitarded772448d ago

Many games reuse resources... while I'm against the DLC milk machine that will come very soon, the reuse of a building model is not a big deal.

bviperz2448d ago

It struck me when I was watching their new game modes trailer that all the maps look familiar. They weren't kidding when they said CoD is now the Madden of online shooters.

Elimin82448d ago

They've been recycling since the first game..... Price "the character" also has been the same since the first CoD... Sadly, it will sell boatloads...

newhumanbreed2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )


I wouldn't say that Price is recycled, but rather just the original Infinity Ward's favorite character. In MW3, I'd say he is recycled and just used for selling a game since the original team is not behind it.

JhawkFootball062448d ago

Infinity Ward needs to step up. I don't want no scrubs.

Joe29112448d ago

And they didn't recycle stuff in BF3?

Heck EA churns out the same crappy sports titles every year!

Kurylo3d2448d ago

eh... no ... no i cant say that bf3 did recycle anything... sorry to put a hole in your argument lol

Trebius2448d ago

BF3 didnt recycle anything moron, they rehauled their whole engine! CoD uses the same engine every year. Do some research little boy.

Heartnet2448d ago


U can still bring over models etc from different Engines lol there probz made in a 3d modelling package to begin with so...

Getowned2448d ago

Battlefield has reycles builings before and we even see the same building used over and over in BC and BC2,BF3.Whats the point of this article ?

Joe29112448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

I only own BF3, I have played it a lot and I run past certain buildings like 'huh, I saw that in BC2 or BC1', guess its just me

.. no need to call me a moron, I wasn't attacking your beloved BF3. Unlike a fanboy, I will be getting both.

Edit: I'm 6'1 so hardly a little boy, I prefere just above national average man. Oh wait, you can't reply.... 1 bubs

Joe29112448d ago

The moment where you post something which has absolutely nothing to do with the topic.

trancefreak2448d ago

Just got my copy of milk of magnesium 3 and it is explosive.

Scizz2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Everyone always compares BF3 with BC2 and BC. Aren't you suppose to compare it with BF2. That was the good game. That's like comparing MW3 to Black Ops and World at War.

theaceh2448d ago

Why are people surprised? This is Guitar Hero development practices all over again.

Piegoose2448d ago

All COD's are similar. I love WAW and MW2, but all of them are still the same thing.

Raptura2448d ago

MW3 copies from itself. In the third level there's 2 primary civilians:

1) Black Guy - Red Shirt
2) White Guy - Blue/White Jacket

Anyone else notice this?

BattleAxe2448d ago

Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2 had the same buildings throughout the entirety of both games. I'd be surprised if they didn't use some of the same buildings in BF3.

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Yukicore2448d ago Show
Kurylo3d2448d ago

its called good marketing... besides... what do u care. Does it really make a different that they reused a building model here... or a dumpster model there? I understand they are trying to save money to put out another game cheaper... in what way does that actually hurt u though? If people still think its a good game then more power to em.

seinfan2448d ago

It hurts all gamers. Why? Because when other gaming companies see this formula of success that Activision has adopted, they too are likely to start half-assing their most successful franchises in order to maximize profit. Face it, this is a business, and companies think with their wallet in mind first and foremost.
Here are some examples:
Nintendo plays to the casual crowd with their motion controls and dominate in sales. MS and SONY follow suit.
DLC has exploded in recent years. We're now buying incomplete games at launch and have to pay for the extra content that should have been on the disc in the first place (heck, some of the content is already on the disc, but it's LOCKED and you have to PAY TO UNLOCK IT).
The gaming industry is headed to the shitter.

snipes1012448d ago

Wow people are just looking for things to hate. This is just...pathetic.

Not for or against the game but wow people you all act like a bunch of children. It's. One. Building.

Buy y'know what, if you want to be a total idiot and go out, buy this game that you hate, and look for more buildings that match up go for it!

And to people that think that everyone is going to start being lazy because of the way Activision has handled COD; GET REAL. Like any level headed developer would want to be as hated as Activision and it's studios are right now.

Fel082448d ago


No, it's called being greedy and ripping off their costumes. Why charge 60 dollars for a recycled game, with a couple of new extra features?

nanometric2448d ago

Coudn't agree more, bubs.

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Tanir2449d ago

and people will still buy this 60$ overhyped dlc

qwertyz2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Activision is the epitome of greed...with all the money they made from black ops they couldn't even use a tiny fraction to create new in game assets ?REALLY...PHUCK EM

chazjamie2448d ago

so 8 million people are going to buy a map pack for about $45. sweet, so much fun.

claterz2448d ago

What the HELL have they been doing for the past 2 years?!?!

It amazes me seeing what a studio like ND can do in 2 years, and yet IW, who probably have a ridiculous amount of money to spend on development can only do this in the same amount of time.

To be honest I don't even care if MW3 sells 20million+ but I just hate it that there are so many great games that don't get anywhere near the amount of sales that they deserve.It just doesn't seem fair to those developers that actually put some effort into their work :(

ASTAROTH2448d ago

They dont get the sales and they dont get the RESPECT from the media. Read the MW3 reviews, "same old game but its for the fans" and they rate it 10/10. Meanwhile other games that are different and improve upon the FPS formula are treated disrespectfully by the media just saying: " they try to copy COD but in the ends it fells short" . . . Jesus gaming is really in a bad place thanks to the gaming media.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2448d ago

I know how you feel. But really the way i see Cod players. A lot of them are people who only play Cod and no other game and really just play it to be part of the crowd with their friends since it's whats "IN" nowadays.

NiKK_4192448d ago

I'll just leave this here

-Alpha2448d ago

I remember that back from my childhood lol

mike_d_2448d ago

Nothing in CoD is made from scratch anymore(or was at all).Same reload animations,same death animations,same buildings same everything.

AyeGee2448d ago

Good thing i bought it for $37 bucks.. it's not worth the $60!

da_2pacalypse2448d ago

you sold your soul for a 23 dollar saving.

AyeGee2448d ago

Oh please, i bought BF3 too, if that makes you feel any better.

WittyAdrian2448d ago

So? Soul selling is soul selling dude, whether you do something good or not.

thesummerofgeorge2448d ago

One time, I sold my soul for a donut. Not worth it.

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Keyop2448d ago

Next thing you'll be telling me is that they re-used the engine code too....

showtimefolks2448d ago

It's amazing people have issues with this yet millions of them have been buying a tweaked version of COD 4 and MW1 every year. Activision is the king of recycled material in their games. You want them to change stop buy COD and now some will reply to say I am hating on cod. You watch or read all the reviews even though the game has been getting 9s, each and every one has complained about MW3 in some aspects

Time for a new engine
Time to evolve gameplay wise
And now single player with action pack moments isn't good enough

activation can do so much more with COD but why should they when they can sell millions of copies of the same game, than on top of that charge extreme prices for their map packs

milohighclub2448d ago

Lol wouldn't be surprised if people got home after buying mw3 to find the mw2 disk in their case...

cyguration2448d ago

That comment deserves bubbles. So, bubs to you, dude.

damnyouretall2448d ago

next cod game i buy will have to be next gen. that will have me interested again, maybe. you know what the biggest joke is in the history of gaming? the sequel to black ops next year. i mean come the fuck on man seriously. everyone knows its commin, and its a joke

stu8882448d ago

in fairness, Dice has that same bridge in most maps set in a built up area. The one where you go up there with the LMG on the second level of the campaign.

stu8882448d ago

but if all overpasses/bridges look like that in iran/iraq fair enough.

Pl4sm42448d ago

bf3 is 10% recycled ... mw3 , 96.9% recycled ... there is a difference bro

iNcRiMiNaTi2448d ago

Yeah but it's reused content from the same game. Not content from 3-4 games ago

Spitfire_Riggz2448d ago

It seems the Modern Warfare Defense team is nowhere to be seen..

*tumbleweed rolls*

GarandShooter2448d ago

No they're not, there probably online playing instead of complaining here, completely unaware, just having fun, those dumb...mother...fudgers...

Oh, wait...

Spitfire_Riggz2448d ago


Really? I was just arguing with some cod kids on another article.. weird that they arent on this one..

tawak2448d ago

he found it, in just day 1...
"call of duty 4 modern warfare version 1.75 - the expansion pack MW3"
(requires COD4 main game to play)

Kaneda2448d ago

hahaha.. the real shame is the old building is actually looking better then the new one.. :)

Taker_1292448d ago

I thought i was the only one who noticed, lol.


MW3 feels a LOT like MW1...

gamingdroid2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

I think next generation we are going to have $80 games, as consumers are demanding more and more. New engine with every game, new assets for everything, better graphics....

Personally, I see no problem with re-using assets. People do it all the time.

@Spitfire_Riggz below:

Who cares if it is "breaking records"? It's a matter of that gamers are increasingly being demanding, which is good and bad.

Good, we *might* get better games.

Bad: The cost of developing these games are very costly and one of the reasons why we get fewer "risky" and "different" games. Another factor is, resources are taken away to create new assets that arguably has somewhat small experience impact compared to bug fixes, production value and so on especially if it is barely noticeable.

Spitfire_Riggz2448d ago

Well maybe if it was from the last game but from COD 4???

Also why should they demand more for their games when they are breaking records for how much money they are making. I see a problem when you are making an incredible amount of money and still using old crap.

Hicken2448d ago

Dude, seriously?

We aren't "demanding" more and more. Improvements are to be expected. Can you name the last series where five games over five years were so similar it was painful?

What comes to my mind: Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero. Both Activision titles. And what happened to them? People got tired of the same things in every game and both series fell off. Why should CoD be different?

I should also mention this has only happened this generation. Prior to this, only sports games were yearly, and since there was no way to upgrade, it was a little more acceptable.

As for your argument about "resources are taken away," that's a given. My question to YOU is: how could you even tell? So many of us are looking at this game and seeing the last few games so easily. Where do YOU see that this game would have suffered to do something new?

Don't talk about cost. Not with Activision. NEVER bring up the cost of development when they're involved. They spend more on marketing than they do developing these games, and with all they money they make off their 20+ million copies AND overpriced DLC, they have more than enough money to not worry about cost. You even bringing that up in reference to a product by Activision is silly.

gamingdroid2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

***We aren't "demanding" more and more. Improvements are to be expected. Can you name the last series where five games over five years were so similar it was painful?***

That is just what the haters blabbering, but obviously gamers aren't sick of it as they are buying it in droves to the point where they are lining up outside stores to get their hands on it asap!

***As for your argument about "resources are taken away," that's a given. My question to YOU is: how could you even tell? So many of us are looking at this game and seeing the last few games so easily. Where do YOU see that this game would have suffered to do something new? ***

If it is the same darn thing, why is it that nobody has been able to top it? Make something better? ... and no, I don't consider your personal opinion of something better?

I'm talking about something measurable, and that my friend is sales. The people in general vouch CoD as it is (recycled, repeated or whatever), is more worthy of spending money on than anything else out there.

There is nothing wrong with re-use of assets as everybody does it. Question is, does it fit in? Would you notice it if nobody pointed it out to you? The vast majority most likely doesn't even care... because what they care about it how good the game is overall, NOT how it looks.

... but hey, feel free to complain about that recycled building while the rest of us goes on to enjoy a game without an online pass.

***Don't talk about cost. Not with Activision. NEVER bring up the cost of development when they're involved. They spend more on marketing than they do developing these games, and with all they money they make off their 20+ million copies AND overpriced DLC, they have more than enough money to not worry about cost. You even bringing that up in reference to a product by Activision is silly.***

It was a general comment that game prices are going to rise as a result of gamers complaining about something as insignificant as a recycled building.

Maybe a little reading comprehension would help?

Hicken2448d ago

And everybody in Germany was lining up to be part of Hitler's dream, even those who knew it was wrong. Following the crowd, protecting your own ass; these things exist, and in a multiplayer-heavy, social area like gaming has become, getting a game "because my friends have/are getting it" is a common excuse.

Nobody's been able to top it? I assume you mean sales. In that case, see above. If you mean in any other capacity, there are any number of games that have surpassed it in various ways. From superior storylines to better gameplay to top-notch graphics, MANY games have CoD beat in these respects.

Yes, of course you would reference sales, because you can't measure quality, right? And the fact that millions don't actually care about the quality so long as they can play with their friends doesn't change the fact that they still bought the game. How convenient for you that sales are the only thing you care about.

Uncharted (take your pick) is superior to Call of Duty (take your pick), and yet it will never reach the same sales. Gears of War is superior, but will never reach the same sales. Killzone, a direct competitor, is superior, but will never reach the same sales. Even Halo will never reach the same sales. Are you saying that Call of Duty is better than all of these franchises?

Re-using assets is not a problem to me, and I didn't even bring that up in my response to you, so I'll be ignoring that point entirely.

Your last paragraph, focusing on the "Bad" of gamers being demanding, does not apply to Activision BECAUSE of how much they make. A smaller developer with less resources could get a pass for this, but there is simply no excuse for Activision doing this, because they are not at a loss for money.

Gamers don't complain about EVERY game that does such things. A new kid on the block who has to recycle some things for a sequel when the original only sold 800,000 copies doesn't catch flak. A long-established publisher with long-established developers SHOULD and DOES catch flak when their last ten titles have sold AT LEAST 10 million, and the last two have sold more than 20 million apiece. When you've got the money to spend on Eminem and Kobe Bryant, you've got the money to spend on new assets.

As it stands, game prices will not rise because of this, nor should they... on second thought, they already have, with the introduction of DLC in this generation, which introduces more content (required to have a "complete" game) at a price.

That aside, gamers have every right to complain about unnecessary shortcuts being taken when they're spending money on these games. It's only a shame that more people are willing to roll over and accept these practices from the largest of developers when, of all things, they should never have to do so.