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"Every game is challenging in its own way, but no matter how challenging a game may be, there is most likely an option to change the difficulty. Some games are generous and give you a five selections; very easy to very hard. Others only give you three; novice to intermediate. There's even a small batch of titles will only give you two selections, requiring you to unlock one after first completing the game, which for the most part is normally the hardest difficulty setting for that respective title. In every piece of nerd loved technological art, these options all come with different names. novice and casual, advance and intermediate, etc. Though one difficulty term we have yet to see placed in a titles option menu; is Good Luck.

This setting is when you aren't given the freedom to pick how difficult a game is, and is the equivalent to having the development studio picking the difficulty for you, which is bound to be the hardest option in any game....

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cochise3132447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

This game shows you that you're really not as badass as you think you are. This separates the boys from the men. Great score.

JsonHenry2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

This game was only hard for those that didn't know how to level grind or seek out the right areas to attack for your current level. Also the lack of explanation of controls/game mechanics made the learning curve harder as well. Granted it was certainly more difficult than the average game now days. But it was not nearly as "hard" as people made it out to be.

BUT- this is my GAME OF THE YEAR so far. I absolutely loved it from start to finish. (and NG+ start to finish!) This is the first game I beat more than once since the first STALKER.

shammgod2447d ago

GOTY, absolutely....I finally completed it last night and only have one thing on my mind...NG+. Its true the story is almost non existent, but the lore, atmosphere and npcs tell a story of their own. Instantly a classic video game

Nevers2447d ago

Great score for an amazing game.

I agree with most of what you posted. Especially the GotY nomination. Also, I totally agree that Dark Souls isn't that terribly difficult. The only person who makes Dark Souls hard is the person playing Dark Souls, imHo.

Yet.. there was adequate explanation of the controls/game mechanics, I think. They were strewn as messages all over the Undead Asylum. If one didn't read the messages and implement them; yes, one would have a bit of a hard learning curve. But that would be at the fault of the player, imo. I speak from experience cuz I completely missed the L-stick+R2/1 maneuvers until a friend came over and schooled me. Undead Burg would have been so much easier had I known how to kick things... As it was I found out about them when I was in Darkroot. /facepalm

Some things were left to be discovered and I liked that (ie ladder sliding, weapons special moves, etc)

... but still that was my fault for glossing over the messages.

JsonHenry2447d ago

The upgrading weapons/weapon scaling/raw/enchanted/holy weapons stuff was never explained anywhere. If it were not for the Dark Souls Wiki the vast majority of people would have never known what any of those things were. There is no excuse for them NOT explaining how what weapon scaling works or what the different upgrades to weapons/armor worked.

Nevers2447d ago

I found it refreshing to discover those aspects on my own rather than having them foon sped to me, actually. I think visiting a blacksmith and seeing that you can upgrade your stuff was direction enough.

I think it fits along nicely with the storyline being so nebulous. The story of Dark Souls and Demon Souls is really left up to the player to fill in the blanks. I really like that.

Idk... I think we should just stick with the fact that Dark Souls is our game of the year =]

Tex1172447d ago

There really is more to the story when you read the descriptions of certain to certain NPC's. That sort of thing.

Its not a sweeping epic or anything, but the story poses an interesting philosphical question.