Remembering the GameCube: Metroid Prime

Ryan M. of writes, "When Metroid Prime was first announced at E3 2001, many gaming publications and fans were eager to play Samus Aran's first venture into the 3-D plane. Emotions shifted from excitement to concern however, when Nintendo turned over development of the project to Texas-based Retro Studios. The perspective of the game also took on a dramatic change; players would control Samus in a first-person, behind-the-visor viewpoint. In an era where Halo had only recently kicked off the first-person shooter trend on consoles, fans were understandably worried about the future of the Metroid franchise. Handing over the keys of a sci-fi, adventure-based series to a little-known Texas developer at the onset of the FPS craze seemed nuttier than Samus charging through fire and magma without her Varia suit, and the shift to first-person did nothing to allay the fears of fans. Fortunately, Metroid Prime proved naysayers wrong: instead of becoming a shallow shooter like many concerned, the title perfectly translated the Metroid experience into the third dimension."

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Moduserous2364d ago

One of the best games on the Cube

SCW19822364d ago

This is my favorite game of all time.

grahf2363d ago

Same here for a long time, its still a top 5 for me personally.

Takoulya2364d ago

Terrible controls, but great game.

ignorantsonsof_2363d ago

I mean that's your opinion, but I never had any problems with the controls. Although now that I've played the Wii version I can't imagine playing it with just one analog stick.

ChickeyCantor2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

I love metroid prime, but sometimes the controls did get in the way. But that was back then, maybe I don't feel the same now.

Takoulya2363d ago

The problem was that there were many enemies, especially near the end that would move way too fast to be killed accurately with just turning your character or holding R. The game didn't let you move, aim and shoot at all, making it extremely frustrating to play.

Titanz2364d ago

Retro Studious will develop something core-based on the Wii U in the future, and them "haters" will be in awe of it.


What Da f**k?

naughtyngga2422364d ago

ha ha i just bought a gamecube today for $30 i dnt hav this game but i gat like 11 games for it :)

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The story is too old to be commented.