Death By Robots - Review: Battlefield 3 - Single player

The way we play video games is changing, they have been changing for so long that most of us have not even recognised how much of an evolution there has been. Battlefield 3 is one such game, because it’s not really ‘a’ game, it’s two separate games.

Offering such a varying experience on a multitude of separate levels, it’s almost impossible to review as a singular entity without under-minding one side over the other. So, I’ve decided to pull double (Call of) duty of this one and bring you two separate reviews… which may possibly become three depending on the co-op campaign.

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GilesCorey2240d ago

So the 7/10 was warranted by the graphics and the destruction. Eh, as good as they were, it doesn't make up for the horrible storyline. The 5 hour mediocre campaign deserves a 5/10 at best.

SimpleSlave2240d ago

Seen a few of these single player reviews for this game. Now we are making concessions to mediocrity...*sight*

Next in line, Modern Warfare 3.

If the multiplayer is where is at, then the developers should slash the price in half and sell it for what it is. But why would they do that, when people keep gobbling up these type of games every year.

Gamer-Z2240d ago

honestly they should have left out the campaign and just made it an all MP affair. They also cloud have added some offline modes with bots.

Pintheshadows2240d ago

I've been saying that since Unreal Tournament. Every MP game should have bots in some form.

ThanatosDMC2240d ago

I cant even connect on multiplayer properly. It took me an hour to be able to play ONE game on the night of the release. This happened on the PS3 version. I dont know why im stuck on South Region. Why cant i see more servers?

Shackdaddy8362240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

They should have just made the co-op the "campaign". It's a much much better experience...

krazykombatant2240d ago

Its a shooter people... I don't see why people expect there to be this massive epic storyline tied in with a FPS experience... Want a story go play an RPG or an adventure game... Anyways, I will agree with SimpleSlave, if the campaign is as useless as most people seem to say, just scrap it and go like MAG did and add more multiplayer maps/gameplay modes.

SimpleSlave2240d ago

Agree and disagree. Half-Life series, Riddick Escape from butcher bay, The Darkness, and many other have proves that first person shooters can definitively have great stories.

But if developers have no desire to make a great single player experience, and want to work on just the MP side, then so be it. Axe the single player, and boost the multiplayer, with more maps, more futures, more variety in missions and so on.

As it is right now the single player is just a waste of space and memory, and, for me, the multiplayer is not big enough to warrant a $60 price tag.

But if in the future multiplayer gets all the love, and start to feel like a complete package with numerous different types of matches, maybe even add a map builder, mod tools, dedicated serves and such for the console, then maybe it will be worth the $60.

krazykombatant2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

@simpleslave yes but, if i recall half-life and darkness were pretty much SP games. Thus the devs don't really have much choice but to make an epic SP. Which is why I say, games like COD and BF. People play the SP usually to get a feel, of the game (if things such as fps is new to you or you want to get those achievements/trophies). Thing is people don't give a shit about the SP, just slap on a BOT session and so be it. Like some people say its just some BS crap devs and publishers put on so they feel they can charge the costumer the full price tag. However, IF I see a game with a the graphics of, say black ops and ALL of the DLC for free and just the MP, I would pay the full price tag.. Now of course give me BF3 no SP all DLC for free and hell I'll pay the entire thing once again.

Personally this is total b.s I love my SP campaigns, but when I get a FPS game the campaign is not what i look forward to in the game.

EDIT: sorry i thought i hit reply my bad simple slave...

FUxBxAR2240d ago

I personally enjoyed the story....... Some people are just impossible to please. The SP is great!

Hufandpuf2240d ago

It's fun to play, but with the dull plot it's hard to really care about what's going on.

SimpleSlave2240d ago

I agree with you on this one. In games like these, SP def is not the focus. And quite frankly it would be ok, if they could give us the extras like the MODs and map editor, and servers and all that good stuff. Not to mention the free DLC, as you pointed out.

And I think if they really add all that and pack it with a ton of content and maps and weapons, customization for your character, weapon, tanks, planes etc. on they one. Then, just like you say, it would definitively be a more attractive package for $60.

As it stands maybe $40, but $30 should be the sweet spot for games like these as they stand right now.