GotGame: Battlefield 3 Review

Ah, Battlefield, how we did miss, thee.

Sure EA and DICE cranked out other Battlefield iterations since the release of Battlefield 2, but despite efforts on the console and a pretty fun Battlefield 2142 on the PC, nothing quite measured up to BF2 – until now.

The highly anticipated launch of Battlefield 3 finally arrived this month (October) and it brings with it a phenomenal multiplayer experience, along with a decent single-player campaing.

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DistrictMime2371d ago

I kinda figured that the single player would be at least decent. It won't beat MW3 campaign, that's for sure.

ATi_Elite2371d ago

this is Battlefields first SP campaign and story mode and i kinda wish they wouldn't even have made it. BF1942 BF2 BF2142 didn't have one!

It's almost like Politics......instead of comparing BF3 MP mode to MW3 MP mode or even Black Ops every reviewer is just talking about the SP mode of BF3.

Most reviewers have already played the MP mode of MW3 and have reviews waiting to be published but once the NDA lifts hopefully they will stop the POLITICS and just tell the truth that BF3 MP kicks MW3 arse!

Besides since when has COD SP campaign been any better than what BF3 SP would have to go back to COD 1 and COD2 for a good SP. Hell the complaints of Black Ops SP are still fresh in my mind but reviewers are gonna be Bias so they can get more free stuff from activision.

SJPFTW2371d ago

i agree with everything but this is not the first SP in a battlefield game

JellyJelly2371d ago

"I kinda figured that the single player would be on par with COD. It won't beat Half-Life or Bioshock campaign, that's for sure."


Pintheshadows2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

I actually don't mind the campaign but it is the polar opposite to the multiplayer.