9.7 Uncharted 3 Review

"A few years ago ended a movie trilogy (later followed by polluted fourth episode), which has left its mark in the collective imagination with its rhythm, the sense of adventure, humor and the dream environment, graced by a Harrison Ford star performer along with a plethora of excellent actors. The spirit of Indiana Jones can be found without too much forcing the Uncharted series, which ideally has delivered these key points in the form of video game and adding the fun factor when you need to have the ability of the player to take on the events firsthand.

"The irony of the main protagonists, a rhythm and a very tight technical sector / have devoted exceptional artistic creation from Naughty Dog in the Olympus of the best productions of this gaming generation, particularly from first to second chapter has been a dramatic jump in terms of direction, graphic design and conduct of the action.

"Here we are talking about 3 Uncharted: Drake's deception so that the task is not easy to confirm the good things seen in the past and must be confronted by a predecessor, who still holds the earliest POSITION in many respects, not least Technical. The result? Beyond the vote that you can already see in this review, is explained here in the thousands of characters to follow."

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Pintheshadows2457d ago

So basically Uncharted 3 is brilliant.

ElDorado2457d ago

They gave Uncharted 2 a 9.6. Uncharted 3 is doing great so far.

Pintheshadows2456d ago

The word you're looking for is great, not paid.

Happy to help :)