Xboxer360: Rage Review

Xboxer360's Kris Wall writes: The front cover of RAGE states “From the creators of Doom and Quake”, which in gaming terms might as well be the equivalent of winning the Nobel peace price or a seat in the Oval Office, you’d be hard pushed to find a higher accolade bestowed upon a company. Since Wolfenstein 3d first hit in 1992, id Software have been considered the godfathers of the FPS genre. From their signature Doom series through to Quake which revolutionised online gaming, and finally with the pulp fiction of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, my favourite FPS of all time, id have constantly evolved and pushed the genre forwards, it’s entirely arguable (Because there’s always someone who likes to argue) that without id, there would be no Battlefield or Call of Duty, at least not in the capacity we have come to know them anyway. RAGE is id’s first new game for 14 years, teaming up with Bethesda Softworks (Fallout3 & Elder Scrolls) is surely one of gamings greatest collaborations, what happens when the masters of the FPS genre collide with the kings of open world RPG games? A hell of a lot of awesome, let me tell you why RAGE will leave you feeling anything but.

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JsonHenry2283d ago

I wish I could understand why people liked this game so much. I played it for about an hour and a half then deleted it off of steam. That was AFTER the new AMD driver and the patch from Id Software. I really wish I liked it instead of feeling like I wasted $60.

2282d ago
palaeomerus2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I'm amazed at all the idiots calling it unplayable, ugly, or a turd. They actually think people take them seriously and believe that tripe!

What morons. Sheesh.

It's at 79-83 on Metacritic with way more good reviews than mixed ones or bad ones and the bad scores are all dumb sabotage reviews that make no sense. That imbecile Tom Chick who gave it a 33 on GAMESHARK of all places is a #@#$ing disgrace to reviewing.

It looks great even on a 360 without it installed (I know I saw it running on my friend's 360 over a 46" LCD TV and he doesn't have the 8 gigs to put a disc of it on his HDD). It runs at 60FPs, the shooting is decent the enemy AI is good, the crafting is neat, and the kart kombat racing is a nice distraction from shooting and driving to dungeons. Sure it should have had competitive shooting multiplayer. But what is there is great.

But people who obviously haven't played it shit all over it and so it gets a bad reputation. Shit like this make me ashamed to be a gamer.