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Gamestar: Battlefield 3 Review (PC)

Until now, the Battlefield series primarily for her great team game and the terrific combination of military-action-shooter and the vehicle is known, and less on technical feats. Until today, because Battlefield 3 sets new standards in many areas. In which reveals our test. (Battlefield 3, Dice, EA, PC) 93/100

death2smoochie  +   1004d ago
And it begins...
no_more_trolling  +   1004d ago
anything under 9 will be trolling lol
well deserved :)
optimus  +   1004d ago
why? why is it if someone considers a game to be not so great based on their own criteria people automatically see them as trolls. i bought fallout 3 at one point which had rave reviews and it ended up being one of the worst games i've played all year...i returned it.

if battlefield 3 has a mediocre story mode that is relatively short then i wouldn't give it anything past a 7. you all can rave about multiplayer all you want as i am not a multiplayer type of gamer. a game should be fun on it's own, like the good ol' days.
no_more_trolling  +   1004d ago
anyway, gotta get ready for work
Shackdaddy836  +   1004d ago
There's currently only one site that gave it below a 9. There was two but one changed its mind. lol.

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