GameSpy: Battlefield 3 PC Review

Battlefield 3 is an important game for numerous reasons. For starters, it's been six long years since the last true Battlefield game, a long time between sequels by anybody's measure. Then there's the fact that it's shaping up to be the first real contender to challenge Call of Duty's unshakeable grip on the FPS cash pool. But most importantly of all is the fact that it's the only big budget game of the year where the PC has been the lead platform.

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Taz Yamauchi2461d ago

Damn I'm only getting my gtx560 next monday, Guess i'll have to do with low settings for now

NewMonday2461d ago

does the gtx560 give you max settings? what do i need to have with it (RAM, CPU...)?

Taz Yamauchi2461d ago

Yep GTX560 will preety much max it out with 4gig of Ram and at least 2.13 Quad core processor

ECM0NEY2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Dice said that to get 60 FPS on ultra you will need 2 GPUs.

NewMonday2461d ago

thanks, i was looking for this info for a while :)

Taz Yamauchi2461d ago

There goes my 60fps on ultra, i'm simply not buying 2 GTXs I went all out just to get one plus I still need more $$ for the game

NewMonday2461d ago

wait their is still a higher Ultra setting? and i need another gtx560 for that ?

DigitalAnalog2461d ago

I think you mean GTX580 for max settings. Dual 580's for full 1080p 60fps per second.

Maybe 560ti should be able to run it max settings as well, with a lower resolution I suppose.

SH0CKW4VE2461d ago

Do NOT listen to half of these people.

You will run it on high no problem with certain settings turned off.

There is no preset config for any one PC you just have to play around with the graphics options and see what runs well.

And a single GTX 580 or 590 runs it on ultra fine at 60+ fps depending on your processor, mine being an overclocked i5 2500k.

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Taz Yamauchi2461d ago

NO you can play at ultra settings with one GTX but you will get between 40 to 50 fps, you cant lock it at 60, but I think I can live with that

MasterCornholio2461d ago

This year is going to end with a bang. I wonder what score modern warfare 3 will get


Bolts2461d ago

Mark my words, without dinosaurs, this game will fail.