Which aspect is more important in a game... Gameplay, graphics, or Online?

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte writes about which aspect in gaming is more important. "Sitting down late one night talking to one of my buddies about the recently released Gears of War 3. We got into a discussion about the game and talked about how the storyline was great, the graphics were awesome, and how the online and gameplay were well improved. We both had our preferences for what we liked better however, there were a few aspects that we brought up that I wanted to discuss with all of you here on GamerFitNation."

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GameTavern2372d ago

Oh this is an easy question game play.

What's the point of a pretty game that plays awful?
Or an online game you can't control?

waltyftm2372d ago

Well said, There has been too many pretty games this Gen that play like crap.

darthv722372d ago

its gameplay. More so than even online because not everyone plays online just as not everyone has the best tv to play the game on.

But no matter what type of gamer you are or what kind of set you use...gameplay is the only thing that is the same across the board.

Without that then you really lose the substance in what makes games worth playing.

Tonester9252372d ago

Remember Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo? Those systems were all about gameplay. Now because consoles are always boasting about how much more power they have over one another, everyone wants to see the output of graphics. How real and flashy can they make it look. In contrast I noticed that most games that are made to look great, play great because of their skilled development team.

Oh! And they really tease the games graphics by how the cutscenes look. Then the games dont even look like that when it releases lol

BeaArthur2372d ago

Agreed, if the gameplay is bad then nothing else matters.

joydestroy2372d ago

yep, couldn't agree more.
however, for me to give it a go, it needs to have graphics AND solid gameplay. i'll give up multiplayer IF the singleplayer is lengthy, like 12hrs plus minimum. otherwise, if i do buy it, i realize what a terrible mistake i've made.

the game also needs to have a good amount of content. this means vastly varied missions, lots of weapons, upgrades, etc.

BldyShdw2372d ago

I don't have the time to put into online multiplayer anymore. So gameplay/graphics are way more important to me than online.

Tanir2372d ago

exactly how i feel, only multiplayer i have the time for is dark souls because its intergrated

RyuCloudStrife2372d ago

Gameplay you're right! That's why CoD reigns supreme

Drake1172372d ago

your prob going to get tons of dislikes cuz hating cod is the cool thing to do on this site but your very right. CoD might not have good graphics but its tight controls and great pacing have made it the most popular game in todays market.

dark-hollow2372d ago

This is kind of tricky.
graphics and online are part of the "experience".
Great graphics add to the immersion and make games more appealing and fun.

Sure, between the three, gameplay is tue most important, but that doesn't mean that graphics arent important.

Bioshock, red dead redemption are examples of how graphics and detailed environment makes the experience more enjoyable.

_Aarix_2369d ago

that would be called "atmosphere"

ReservoirDog3162372d ago

Yup, shouldn't even be a question.

I would peg story before gameplay though.

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Pikajew2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Gameplay. Look a Goldeneye it did not age well and is better than half the shooters this gen.

bronxsta2372d ago

gamplay all the way.

of course good graphics dont hurt

personally i don't like online and hate that the current trend seems to be shoehorning in multiplayer modes at the expense of singleplayer. We need more split-screen and longer campaigns

zeal0us2372d ago

Its all depends on the type of game but regardless gameplay would be apart of it, seeing as you it can't be online without gameplay some kind of role. Would play a online multiplayer if the gameplay was horrible?

LondonMediaOS2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Gameplay is the most important aspect of a game, when you have a good engine with flexible mechanics at the helm honestly the rest falls into place.

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