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Mass Effect Gets 10/10 from Gameplayer

Gameplayer has gone live with their review of the epic new BioWare RPG Mass Effect. They were blown away by the experience, suggesting that it has raised the bar for the genre.

"An RPG that's truly out of this world!" (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 10/10

Zhuk  +   2723d ago
Mass Effect is an incredible gaming experience and is a great addition to the Xbox 360s AAA library
360sucks  +   2722d ago
yeah right
and there Weapons of Mass Destruction in iraq
(reply) its a good movie i i i i mean a ok game
but not great
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Evil0Angel  +   2722d ago
YOU GOT TO STOP puting salt in ur a@@hole

masseffect is kick ass.great great game .do not miss it for fcuk sake
mesh1  +   2723d ago
ooo 2 10/10 reveiws today aye from major site keep rolling in good good goty any 1
ddldave  +   2722d ago
gameplayer? never heard of it. nvm, it's a website that just opened 3 weeks ago.
slak  +   2723d ago
hell yea
keep them rolling
PS360PCROCKS  +   2723d ago
I was going to go buy this one tonight but than decided to hold back and wait to see about some reviews. I OBVIOUSLY know the game is excellent, but some sites say the controls suck, some say their good, some say be patient, what is it? Be patient enough and their good or do they suck? I think I am just going to say fuc* it and buy it tomorrow.
mesh1  +   2723d ago
uve pklayed a game like this before trust me when uget this game u wont belive that agam elike this can be made
Zhuk  +   2722d ago
I've put in over 30 hours into the game and am on my second playthrough, I can tell you this game is nothing short of amazing and you must go out and buy it now!

your avatar demands it
power of Green  +   2723d ago
Stellar game!, great GraW and GeoW like gameplay with loud powerful weapons stellar enemy AI. Some battles are freakin crazzy. The sound and music in the game is top notch.

What differs in the battle gameplay from other 2.5 person viewed shooters(GRAW/GOW)is the type of charator you use and the leveling effects the gameplay(slow and weak at first even aiming speed and can be leveled up).

Makes you wonder if some reviewers really played the game. Gameplay will be effected buy what type of charactor and level you're at.

Story reminds me of humanity just leaving earth, if the StarWars franchise had a back story revealing Humans first spreading out in the universe and finally evolved Force powers this game would be that back story.

This game invision's what the first Jedi would have whent through. lol

On the Rocky mining world looking for the fugitives 2nd in comands doughter and the texture and detail at least on that planet are better then Geow's( not as much alround detail as gow but it does look better it has more effects layers?).

Its clear some reviewers missunderstood what this game is and didn't level up but just scored it on the weak sluggish low level charactor you start out with.
mesh1  +   2723d ago
tbh eurogamer is th worst website now folloewd by gamepsot for me as what u said is act they cant complain as if u spec only for fps its action is hyped up but me when i get the game i likve realtime action but i want to use the pause rpg/kotor style comabt to the fullest possiblites the reviewrs ever knwo them selfs they arent playing it right remeber the 1 .up reviews pod cast haha it was liek they were all playing a defferent game in terms opf the combat as some of them didnt even know if u dont spec in guns and spec for charm ofc u wil lsuck at doing dps goes to show some nextgen reviewrs are realy not to good at games
predator  +   2722d ago
2 more days for me, im in the uk
Liquid Ocelot  +   2722d ago
Awesome score
I'm defiantly getting this game when i get my 360.
I only wish i was getting one this year but too many games coming out now so hopefully I'll be able to get one early next year.
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FirstknighT  +   2722d ago
It's official.
The xbox 360's 2007 is one of the greatest gaming years in history. With highly rated games and huge software sales, the 360 clearly showing who is king of next gen.
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Zhuk  +   2722d ago
this is truly the greatest lineup in gaming history only available on the Xbox 360, it's a great time to be a gamer.
giovonni  +   2722d ago
I got the game the first day, and it's simply amazing, I have no idea where these people get the game has long load times, the weapons suck, and the A.I. is crap. All these problems, I haven't seen period. The A.I. is one of the best I've seen. The weapons are easy to use, and the dialog
adds more to this game I give it a 9/10 for right now.
Double-Edged  +   2722d ago
360 line up

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