FFXIII and Versus Will Use Full Specifications of the PS3

Dengeki has interviewed Tetsuya Nomura on the future of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIII and he's revealed some more information on the development of the games.

Nomura says that with the help of the disc space on Blu-Ray and the Hard drive in each PS3, The evolution of Final Fantasy XII to XIII will be as big as the evolution of Final Fantasy VI to VII.

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shmee4042d ago

and a max of 20m units

This is the biggest game of this gen

marinelife94042d ago

This one will be the first final fantasy game I've ever played. The hype is too powerful for my will. It's sucking me in to it's promised euphoric goodness.

cloud360-7th_account4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Not rleiable (some data from VG chartz):

FF1 + all remakies= 14 million

FF2+ All remakies= 10 Million

FF3 + remakes= 5 mil

FFIV+ remakes will sell = 5 Million

FFV+ remakes = 4 Mil

FFVI= 5 mil

FFVII= 10 Mil


FFIX= 6 mil

FFX= 7.95 mil

FFXI= crap

FFXII= worst than above crap

FFXIII and XIII versus and all other FF13's = 35 Mil

marinelife94042d ago

Some developers develop for the art more than the profits. They want to see how much of what's in their mind's eye can be actually put down on canvas or on disc media in this case.

I applaud developers that try to use the best avenue they can to make their artistic dreams a digital reality. Whether it be a Wii remote game or a game that requires bleeding edge console technology to make it happen.

MADGameR4042d ago

MART's ignorant assumption of this game heading to the 360 as well has been put to rest for sure! I am extremely excited about what Square Enix has in store for Final Fantasy XIII. Final Fantasy games always have the habbit to sell millions! So this will be no surprise.

2Negativecool4042d ago

Sounds like they are hyping their own game engine to me. There's no way in hell they are tapping the hardware's full potential this early in the console's life cycle.
It will make as much of an impact on gamers as FFVII did? C'mon that smacks of BS over hype.
It will not be a revolution the way FFVII was. Even if a remake of FFVII came out now it wouldn't be a revolution. FFVII was a revolution for its time.
I wouldn't be suprised if this famed "white engine" is but a shadow of the Unreal3 engine.

jjfunaz4042d ago

If you didn't like XII you probably won't like XIII. FF is moving and evolving past the traditional turnbased RPGs of the past. XII was the first step and except to see something along tose lines.

I've played every final fantasy and of course am SUPER excited about the upcoming games, but I agree that I wasn't a HUGE fan of XII. The open endedness of it all made me feel distracted from the story but overall it still a great game.

Also I don't see FFXIII seling 10+ million. It probably should but we'll see. I believe that it would be out sooner then later if the install base of the ps3 was beyond 6 million even if it releases next fall with 15 million ps3s sold, its not going to sell 10 million copies.

PlayStation3604042d ago

but I must disagree. I would've agreed, but that shot about XII is what changed it. I loved the 12th version. And like JJfunaz, I believe if you didn't like XII for the differences compared to the other versions, you may not like this one. "The evolution of Final Fantasy XII to XIII will be as big as the evolution of Final Fantasy VI to VII." So expect XIII to be just as different.

gamesR4fun4042d ago

is can i reserve the limited edition copy now?

Marceles4042d ago

12 was amazing as hell, I can't believe you (or anyone) wouldn't like it.

On March 16, 2006, Final Fantasy XII became the sixth game to receive a 40/40 score from the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, making it the first Final Fantasy game and the first PlayStation 2 title to do so.

Final Fantasy XII was recognized by the website GameSpot as the "Best Playstation 2 Game" in their Best Games and Worst Games of 2006, as well as nominated in the "Game of the Year" and "Best Role-Playing Game" categories. It also achieved "PS2 Game of the Year" and "PS2 RPG of the Year" in GameSpy's Game of the Year 2006,[and won "Best PS2 RPG" and "PS2 Game of the Year" in the IGN Awards. Final Fantasy XII was named the "Best Game" in the 2006 Edge Awards, and it was also nominated for "Role-Playing Game of the Year" in the 10th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

Famitsu 40 of 40
GamePro 5 of 5
GameSpot 9.0 of 10
IGN 9.5 of 10

...I think you're getting the picture

mesh14041d ago

few keypoints to remeber the maker of FF AND his team have left aquare and when they did the franchise become worse 2nd this game is the game that has been overhyped and yet we see no game play footage no i don class as a trailer as gameplay footage whata joke and ppl say TOOHUMAN WILL NEVER GET REALESED which to me wil be abetter game that this and toohuman sthey have showed THOUSANDS OF SCREEN SHOOTS and actaully gameplay that a lot of game mags can talk about ffxiii will bomb and ps if u think this cant be done on the 360 check

Feihc Retsam4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I wonder how they intend to incorporate the memory card reader....
And the tilt gimmick??

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achira4042d ago

nice! cant wait for this game! this game will write a new chapter in gaming history!

ruibing4042d ago

If Square Enix does a good job and releases it soon, I will thank them by buying all the PS1 FF games I've been holding off on (I already have all the PS2 ones) in addition to preordering these games.

PS3PCFTW4042d ago


I will preorder this as soon as possible.


Relcom4042d ago

I cry man tears over how good this game will be.

I bet they are sick of those stupid "is this a PS3 exclusive?" questions.

rukusa4042d ago

yeah, to me that was like the final slap in the hysterical xbox "all-PS3-games-are-on-the -360" group/crowd... there are of course those more sensible 360 owners who dont say that crap.

Either way, That just made my day :).


this and killzone 2 hold that crown with Wardevil aswell



socsca4042d ago

LOL at you. Take your puny ps3 and shove it, tremble before the power of my 5000$ PC and the graphics it produces. KZ2 FFXIII, you make my PC and empty pockets laugh!

Bet this game is gonna be awesome tho, I'll probably get it allthough I've never played any FF game for more than 5 minutes. Just don't hype it up too much people, you don't wanna experience what a lot of 360 users did with Halo 3.

MANTIIS4042d ago

...will be worth 2500.00 in one year, and a 900.00 mid-level machine in two years. On the other hand, the PS3 will be very much more alive in two years, and since consoles don't multi task like PC's, probably displaying graphics just as good, if not better, than your then aging video card and hardware at that time. Such is the nature of PC gaming. WUS UP?!

Feihc Retsam4041d ago

missed the sarcasm I guess...

MANTIIS4041d ago

...I've been shown the light and now I can see. Amen, hallejuhah baby jesus. lol. You like that sarcasm? :)

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Spike474042d ago

are the ps3's major killer apps, they won't let ms steal them.



jjfunaz4042d ago

The majority of the screens are CGI. Square has always done a great job of merging CGI with realtime engine stuff. With the power of the ps3 the line will be blurred even more.

You are right the gameplay has to be good, and even on top of that we need an amazing story!!! I sure am fired up for this game!!!!

MANTIIS4042d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

It is not likely that FFXIII will appear on 360, it is widely known that Nomura (and Square Enix, for that matter)are largely Playstation centric in their views, unlike Kojima or Itaguri, and have gone on record stating how unimpressed they are with the 360 hardware-and that for their vision to come to fruition can only be done on the PS3. An offering of money can change that, and MS can get a dumbed down version of the game, but that's probably unlikely. Sony was smart to start the PR of the game using all of PS3 power, thus, forcing the consumer to realize that since PS3 is the most powerful console, the perception of the game being impossible on another system is...natural.

MGS could more possibly find its way to 360 by Q4 '09 (if 360 is still financially viable at that time), but by then it will be PS3's sloppy seconds and Gran Turismo (the billion dollar franchise) will have everyone's attention, thus, hammering the 360 with the same effect as Halo 3 did to PS3.