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Submitted by predator 3002d ago | review

OXM US (Online) Give Mass Effect Perfect 10

Mass Effect is a great science-fiction novel in videogame form. Meaning, it mixes the highest caliber of pure story with the decision-making and raw action of the best games. The pixie dust behind that magic is the game's much-heralded dialogue system, which is every bit as good as we'd hoped it would be. (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 10/10

leon76  +   3002d ago
O(fficial) X(box) M(agazine)!
Multigamer  +   3002d ago
cant wait for this game on friday
achira  +   3002d ago
what sense has the rating if any game gets a 10. lol. this review is a piece of garbage.
Marty8370  +   3002d ago
Like the game, Mass Effect has loads of flaws yet scores 10. Give us a break.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D
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The_Engineer  +   3001d ago
I wouldn't argue with the score
if the game ran flawlessly but COME ON, the 360 is falling all over itself trying to maintain a decent framerate with this game.
vilmer  +   3001d ago
Apparently frame rate doesn't matter anymore.
razer  +   3001d ago
And here come the PS3tard parade..
of people who can't accept the fact that 360 games are scoring well.. Even when they don't own the system and will never play these games.. Talk about a bunch of losers!

Just so you know OXM scores from 1-11 with 11 being perfect. The title of this article is misleading. The game has bugs, which hopefully will be patched soon, but that just goes to show you how great this game is when you can have some tech issues and still score 9's and 10's... And the whole "MS bought whatever" is a bunch of crap because I've seen these magazines thrash MS games.. Just ask FASA about Shadowrun..
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The_Engineer  +   3001d ago
I bet you're the tard
that disagreed with me, why don't we talk about the plot of the game two hours in if you think that anyone who has issues with the game is because they don't own it. what are you 5 years old?
CrazzyMan  +   3001d ago
How game
with bugs, glitches, bad framerate, long donwloadings, stupid teammate AI, boring side-quests and only 13-15h(and it`s and RPG) of real gameplay can be Perfect?

Good game, great game, maybe, BUT perfect? How?
Or there are really no issues? Or things above are the standart for x360 game?
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razer  +   3001d ago
I stopped reading..
when you said 13-15hr of gameplay...
JOLLY1  +   3001d ago
So...13-15 is too long?
Has a ps3 game to date been near 13 hours?
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CrazzyMan  +   3001d ago
you can finish game in 13-15hours, what`s wrong with you?

so, the Question is still out there. How game with so many defects can be PERFECT?

13-15h FOR RPG is a little.

p.s. and again, you can forget about 13-15h, there are other defects in game, so how it can be PERFECT?
because all i see, you are drawing attention only to "13-15h", so there are no other issuses, that`s why game is PERFECT?
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Double-Edged  +   3001d ago
crazzy man.
beat normal campain, and side quests and visit every location in Mass Effect.. and then come back.

I'll try uncharted and do the same.

we'll see how longevity goes.
CrazzyMan  +   3001d ago
i now begin to regret that i mentioned 13-15h. =))
ok, let`s try again:

How Game with bugs, glitches, bad framerate, long donwloadings, stupid teammate AI, boring side-quests can be PERFECT?
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367 To Your Ass  +   3001d ago
it's to late for me to turn back now, it's not like i wanted to anyway.
i got my $60 bucks worth and i'm now good for the year.
gamesR4fun  +   3001d ago
double standard
'what BioWare screwed up: Item management and squad-equipping in between missions is just obnoxiously complex, and capping the game’s save slots at 10 maximum is outrageously stupid. Why can’t we fill up our 120GB hard drive with saves, just like we did with BioShock? Way more frequent auto-saving wouldn’t suck, nor would finding a better button for grenades than the freakin’ Back button. And your squad sure likes to shoot walls, but hey — they’re no dumber than your mates in any other game.'
this is just the faults the reviewer admits too doesnt even mention the crap ai the framerate issues the draw in or insane load times...
How many of these NA review sites are on the M$ gravytrain?! 20 -30 % of this game involves driving a retarded moon lander looking for stuff. You drive around enemies just cause its too much of a pain to aim the stupid guns if theres the slightest dip in terrain.... still gets 10/10 BS the least the reviewers should do is let gamers know what there in for b4 we spend our money not cover up facts and pimp a game cause your sucking on the M$ tit.
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7ero H3LL  +   3001d ago
Ah yes the big day is hear
and i got my copy of mass effect and so far.............i love it, the graphics look so CGI level (or at least really close to it), i'm imprest....i am definitely imprest.

i have to say that the fighting feels so familiar and yet something new. mass effect makes assassins creed look so 90's or should i say 1500's. (AC still is pretty fun though)
367 To Your Ass  +   3001d ago
i now have a total of 21 games
07 was very gracious to 360, now i'll be waiting for NG in 08 and many other titles.

let the good games role.
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OOG FunK  +   3001d ago
its up to the reviewer...if they like the game they can give it a 10....hell they can give it a 6 if they want its however they feel from the impressions the game has left on them....grow up and stop worrying about numbers and try to pay attention to the things they try and tell you about the game....cuz in the end its your point of view that matters the most.
DarkSniper  +   3001d ago
The quailty of this game will definately be boosted once Microsoft loses this exclusive to PS3.

power of Green  +   3001d ago
Ok troll got it!, move along. ME has issues and PS3 is suppose to handle the game better when it can't even outperform the 360 with average games.

Troll leave don't come back.
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DarkSniper  +   3001d ago
My sympathies go out to Bioware. They did the best they could to push the XBOX 360 to it's limits and still were not able surpass the framerate issues that the 360's design presents.

I for one am very excited to see the fully developed Mass Effect on PS3.

power of Green  +   3001d ago
^^^ only acouple of reviewers said the 360 was pushed
The rest say its the Unreal engine thats being pushed. PS3 couldn't run this game to start with.
mesh1  +   3001d ago
only linear games are made for the ps3 exclusive line up that have so many restrictions 10hr games guys im not lieng this is fact
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remix  +   3001d ago
reviewers are not supposed to be opinionated really
there supposed to professionally review the game mentioning good and flaws and we all know mass effect has alot of them but yet scores 10 out of 10.

you know what, im not angry because it just proves the point that reviewers arent professional anymore and just throw on a 10 not caring of the glithches.

bad ai
bad squad ai
constant framerate problems
texture pop in's
boring side quest(but this one's just up to your own liking)
loading takes a long time and when loading textures take a while to load up.
and sometimes your gun wont even shoot when you press THE BUTTON TO SHOOT AND IT JUST DOESNT DO ANYTHING.

WHY this still gets a 10 out of 10.................. bewilders me. any 360 fan who can honestly say this deserves a 10 out of 10 is clearly in denial and should not be payed attention to in any other conversations

well ps3 fans, at least if there are any other games on the 360 that might run slightly better then on the PS3, there wont be points takin off of it right?(rhetorical question)
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