RAGE Easy Money Glitch

GameFront, "Anyone that’s lived in the post-apocalypse knows money is hard to come by — for you, that is. Shopkeepers seem to have an endless supply of the stuff. They’re not using it, so why not cheat the economy and grab yourself a chunk of quick cash? Below you’ll find a simple method to make over 200$ in ten seconds. It’s repeatable, and it’s just so easy, you won’t want to pass it up."

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ironwolf7772620d ago

Patched. No such thing as easy money.

Autodidactdystopia2619d ago

Or... you could just get a trainer.


JaredH2619d ago

Well there's not really much to spend money on in Rage anyway except ammo or a couple upgrades. I bought all the schematics and upgrades from the Subway and Wellspring and still had a couple thousand $ when I just got to Subway town.

MasterD9192619d ago

Its not that hard to make money in this game anyways...plenty of things lying around and money to be made.

kma2k2619d ago

i never really had any money issues except when i first got to wellspring, but i just played the gambling dice game & then again for later in the game when you need the more expensive ammo. Just finihed it today. I have to say the ending was QUITE disapointing :( I wish the story was more of a big deal in this game.