Cave Story 3D Gameplay Trailer

NIS America released the first full gameplay video for their upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Cave Story 3D.

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Dlacy13g2621d ago

wow... this looks about a rebirth!

ShadyDevil2621d ago

Cave story looks awesome. I never played it but excited for it.

lizard812882621d ago

They held this game back just for sales. Doesn't sound bad, until you look at the line-up. It launches a week before Super Mario 3D Land and the rest of the big titles. They should have launched it during August, like they were going too. Apparently the game has been just sitting around with nothing new added. This game would have sold more during August than going up against the big boys. I love Cave Story, but i don't know if i'll pick it up. $40 for a game you can beat in about 2 hours seems like too much.

axisofweevils2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Agree with this.

During the summer, 3DS owners were desperate for games. Nintendo held back their big titles in order for the third parties to sell, and most of them didn't take the opportunity. As a result, the console didn't sell and Nintendo had to reduce the price.

Now, Cave Story is going to be released at the same time as Mario, Zelda - the exact situation Nintendo were trying to avoid in the first place - and no matter how good this game is, it just won't sell as well as them.