BeefJack: Rage review

BeefJack: "The game lives in a limbo, unable to be a sprawling masterpiece or a tightly knit tour-de-force. The paper-thin storyline belies the sheer amount of artistic detail lavished on the game world, and more than anything it begs to have been explored deeper than it has been. Weighing in between ten and 15 hours with all side-missions, mini-games and races mastered, Rage’s depth really is as skin-deep as its beauty: look around the environment quickly enough, and you’ll see the mega-texture streaming falling over itself as it tries to paper over the emptiness."

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scotchmouth2535d ago

Good review.

For me it's nice to see someone be honest with the game and simultaneously reflect that with the score. A lot of people have rave reviews that are really based on the pretty graphics and who made the game.

Others like IGN for example wrote something similar and was even a touch more critical in the synopsis section but scored it higher.

This review really nails it in my opinion.

Pintheshadows2535d ago

Agreed although I have enjoyed myself. I'd put it in the 7 - 9 bracket. It is good but not exceptional.

Thats with 1 - Abysmal. 2 - 4 Poor. 5 - 6 Average. 7 - 9 Good. 10 Exceptional.