Bit-Tech: Rage Review

Bit-Tech: Issues with Rage's engine and much-vaunted megatexture system also rear up, creating extra disappointment given id Software's marketing hype and reputation. While character models are detailed, much of the scenery and background is noticeably blocky and bugs appear regularly, even after multiple patches and driver fixes. Even at its best and with no glaring errors, Rage still suffers from jarring texture pop-in that no excesses of computing power seem able to resolve.

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Orpheus2507d ago

Carmack said Doom 4 will look twice as better as Rage. If that is the case we are all Doomed :-(

Boody-Bandit2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Let's just hope it's not as broken as Rage. Anyone that has completed the game and tried to go back for 100% completion, knows of which I speak.

Rage is severely broken on the PC and from what I'm hearing, is plagued with bugs and glitches on all consoles. I played and completed it on the 360. It even has a disc swapping error. You have to load the 2nd disc to get back and forth from subway town to wellspring. It boots you out to the dashboard and you have to load the game from there.

SIGH, broken on so many levels. Oh and let's not even discuss how horrid the final mission ends ups. When it ended I was like, WTF, that's it? Oh well. I will just go back and finish everything for 100% completion. Huh, I can't? Again, WTF?!?!

I'm so glad I had the sense to rent this game or else I would've contacted id asking for my money back.

Orpheus2507d ago

What I implied is that even twice the graphics of rage will not be sufficient.

GrayFox0072507d ago

It won't look twice as good because it will use the same engine as rage.

kwyjibo2507d ago

Note that the next Doom is going to be a 30FPS game though, so they can fit in more geometry, but yes - it still will be the same engine.

BattleAxe2507d ago

This game is a Carmack.