Marooners' Rock Review: RAGE (360)

Chris writes: "RAGE is an absolutely beautiful game. Regardless of what else may be said about the game, RAGE brings its post-apocalyptic world to stunning life with an amazingly crafted environment, wonderful character design, and smooth animations. And let me tell you something…by the time you get through the first disc of RAGE, you’ll be glad that it’s so beautiful…because you’re going to see a lot of the same places a lot of times."

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DaThreats2546d ago

Article neglecting the PS3 version

MaroonersRock2545d ago

I haven't touched the PS3 version, so I would have no basis from which to comment on it. To comment on the quality of the PS3 version without ever having seen it, touched it, or experienced it in any way would be disingenuous and wrong.


starchild2546d ago

It really is a beautiful game. It's fun too.

josephayal2546d ago

Def GAME of the Year Contend'a

cooperdnizzle2546d ago

Have you played the game. Because there is noway in hell it is a game of the year contender.. I have played it and almost finished it. The game is no where near Portal two, Infamous Resistance 3, Gears of war 3, Killzone 3, And not to mention Uncharted 3, and Batman, Skyrim. The game is okay at best. I don't think it will even make it in to the category of game of the year. Like i said the game is okay at best. It does nothing new, doesn't have the best graphics by far, not story. Okay voice acting. And it only took 7 years to make. LOL such a big let down.