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IGN UK reviews Mass Effect: Scores 9.1

IGN UK writes: "The term role-playing game is probably one of the most abused in gaming. Many so-called RPGs simply don't allow the player to properly embrace the character they're playing. That's one of the reasons sci-fi role-player Mass Effect is so refreshing: it goes some significant way toward making you actually - you know - play a role, rather than flapping behind a thin veil of hammy dialogue and redundant decision-making". (Mass Effect, Xbox 360)
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TheMART  +   2809d ago
Mass Effect went up

From 92% to 93% and now

it's at 94%!

iceice123  +   2809d ago
Based on 17 media outlets.
Metacritic is showing 93% based on 23 reviews.

What the hell, how could I possibly get a disagree :)
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skynidas  +   2809d ago
consolewar  +   2809d ago
My god guys cut it out......
Sony trolls are still sore with the last one, this is getting crazy. Who knows how much they can take.lol
PlayStation360  +   2809d ago
I still don't have my copy! :( So many people have already bought theirs and probably already beat it. Why couldn't gamestop do what Kmart did? I WANT MY COLLECTORS EDITION!

OpiZA  +   2809d ago
Stunning. It's really shining
x440Magnumx  +   2809d ago
Yes, despite a few "good but not great" type reviews this is very solidly another AAA game for the 360. I can't wait to dive into it! Only sad I won't have more time to try it out this weke.
Double-Edged  +   2809d ago
360 is where the AAA games are at.

PS3 is where Blu-Ray movies are at
PMR_21  +   2809d ago
my ignored list is where you're at
Daxx  +   2809d ago
Oh come on PMR. There's worse 360 fanboys out there than Double-Edged.
THE TERMINATOR  +   2809d ago
You can keep your bug ridden AAA games to yourself
pshizle  +   2809d ago
sony boy
crank  +   2809d ago
Drinking the semen of Metacritic and loving every second of it.

Mart, mart, mart, Thanks big guy, don't know where we'd be without you.
crank  +   2809d ago
Ohhh, who's a poor litttle kitters!!!!!
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2809d ago
The effect is going to be massive when this game hits.

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