Metal Gear Solid: A Visual History of Solid Snake (IGN)

All the Solid Snakes you remember, and a few you probably don't.

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waltyftm2390d ago

Snake sure does get around, my favorite is Old Snake from MGS4, really feel sorry for him.

Who2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Having only played MGS4 in the series, I must say apart from the massive cutscenes, it's probably my favourite PS3 game, I still play MGO to this day. Uncharted and GOW come in a close second.

ZBlacktt2390d ago

Always come to see MGS news. :) The MGS Collection comes out next month. Will so be there for that like all the rest since 1998.

C L O U D2390d ago

I love how cold Snake comes across around the beginning of MGS1

2pacalypsenow2390d ago

What the hell Metal Gear didnt start on The NES , Stupid IGN