Splitting Hairs

Patrick of - "So I’ve been mulling this over for a while now, and couldn’t decide if it deserved its own column, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it does because it is something that completely perplexes me. Why are console shooters acceptable but the moment someone likes an MMORPG you are reduced to a social status of ‘lolfag’. I mean, we all love games right? So why split hairs over genres that we enjoy?"

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StifflerK2215d ago

I think this is a growing problem in gaming. It's like some people have 'their preferences' and they instantly think anything that differs to them is rubbish.

It's like they can't seem to acknowledge that it's ok for different people to like different things.

I think it has more to do with ignorance , rather then time skill, or genre - haters just use those things for insults , as they'd pretty much use anything to differentiate you from them.

The other problem is that , it's the internet. People can act like a*holes under the cover on anonymity and not face any consequences for doing so.

So if you meet someone like that, just ignore them.
If their opinion's mean nothing to you , they can talk all they want - but you don't have to listen.

ATi_Elite2215d ago

I like MMORPG (well the Action MMOrpg like Dragon's Nest Vindictus etc).

Most FPS are generic and only worth renting. This console gen got flooded with them and they are nothing special. On the other hand MMOrpg are great, worth buying and provide about a million more hours worth of game play value than the generic FPS out today.

I say just ignore those people because next console gen they will be playing MMORPG's too!

MMO's are the wave of the future!