Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Gameplay

Kotaku: "Having had the pleasure of playing a fair amount of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune over the last couple of days I can tell you that it's quite a good time. Watching this video might lead you to believe that the whole game is shooting, but it's so much more. They seem to have taken the best bits from some great games and combined them together to create a really fun and entertaining gaming experience. Think Tomb Raider with some Gears of War thrown in, a little Prince of Persia for good measure and a storyline that will have you fondly reminiscing over Raiders of the Lost Ark. All this plus some of the best, if not the best graphics I have seen on the PS3 thus far. Make the jump to check out some of the wall scaling action".

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Neurotoxin4020d ago

Reminds me the old Pitfall game amongst others, especially the main character.

Looking forward to this one.

gamesblow4020d ago

Those feelings, as do the gears of War and Tomb Raider ones, go away very quicly... Trust me. Even mroe so about around chapter 13... do not, PLEASE!!!! Do not look at any spoilers for this game. Whatever you do. Let it hit you in the face like a two ton brick.

mesh14020d ago

gears of war looks farrrrrrr better than this game tbh all the guns sound the same that (papapapapap ) effect and gears has better graphics tbh haha and the A.i seems off .

UltramanJ4020d ago

Gears of War is gorgeous, but in my opinion Uncharted has far more attention to detail. It features the most realistic characters I've ever seen in a game, the backgrounds are beautiful, and for the first time in the history of gaming, your clothes actually appear soaked and clingy when you climb out of water. Not only that but the jungle is alive with swaying branches, and tall grass that actually gets brushed aside when you walk through it.
Good looking and well textured games like Gears are becoming more and more common. It's the little details that make Uncharted stand head and shoulders above the rest.

KINGDRAMA4019d ago

just beat this today, i sure hope they make a part 2.

@1.2: shut da fvck up, u obviously have no clue what youre talking about.

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HarryEtTubMan4020d ago

Seriosuly this game looks better than anything I've seen on console. period. and I havent even seen the whole thing

wil4hire4020d ago

Why does it always have the subtext "best looking game i've seen on the PS3."

Uncharted's visuals/animation are second to none. Each character has over 300 poses.. Eyes have soft shadows in the eyelid.. Naughty Dog has gone to the extreme on this title.. Yet, again. Praise, but not 360 style "

Even when Mark Reign says "UT3 Looks better than Gears." Xbots worldwide say "No it doesn't."

I'm on the verge of giving up. Sony needs to start sending out review kits w/mp3 players & tvs as Microsoft has done.

thereapersson4020d ago

And they would rather get snarky than admit something otherwise that this game is one of the best looking games out on consoles right now

gamesblow4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

It is the best looking game so far. The last 4 chapters have you literally scrapping carpet off your tongue, from all the time your jaw was on the floor. It's the best game I've played to date. An experience, not a game.

The game is slightly over 10 hours, 1st run thru on normal. You can't beat it any faster, if you're actually lookin' for even some of the relics. I don't know where people are gettin' off saying it's 5 and 6 hours long. That was GOW's length. Uncharted is a better looking game than GOW. It's more appeasing and appealing to the eye. It has tons of color and an atmosphere out of this world... Just wait until you get about chapter 12, folks. It really does change your persception of the game. It does... it's like walking into an EC comic come to life.

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