Which console really has the most exclusives in 2011?

Taking a look at the game industry from an exclusive standpoint we determine and evaluate this year's lineup for two of the most revered consoles to hit the market. Jokes aside, which one really has the most exclusives this year?

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fluffydelusions2378d ago

Does this really need to be answered? I think we all know already.

NukaCola2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I like that they layed all the cards on the table. Sometimes people want to way the merit of an exclusive. They didn't care the game, just as long as it was only on that system, so for example (Mass Effect complete PS3 version, Bastion, or any DLC exclusitivity wasn't weighed in. They didn't even add Dead Space Extraction or Hous of the Dead since those are just HD version of current gen Wii games. Last gen remasters are included.)

Either which way the winner was...well we all know..

SilentNegotiator2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Who?? I don't know; let me in on the secret! Please!

Give me a hint! Does it start with "Play" and end in a "Station 3"?

ApplEaglElephant2378d ago

Yes. PS3 had more quantity of exclusives.

but it destroyed Xbox 360 in quality department as well. Besides Gears and Forza, rest of 360 exclusives are crap this year.

ApplEaglElephant2378d ago

Do you really think 360 exclusives(not including gears and Forza) are top quality?

Fanboys these days. lol

gaffyh2378d ago

The phrase "No sh*t Sherlock" comes to mind.

Boody-Bandit2378d ago

Of course it's the PS3 by a landslide.

2012 might end up being even more lopsided.
The only game I know that is coming out for the 360 next year that is exclusive for their core userbase is Halo 4.

This is what happens when you don't have studio support. You can count MS's support on one hand.

The only game I am looking forward to this year on the 360 is Forza 4.

AngryTypingGuy2378d ago

Microsoft sure as hell better be thankful for Gears and Halo...and they better be working on a new IP or two to help carry the load.

da_2pacalypse2378d ago

quality over quantity any day. Sony's game market is going down hill.

BootyBandit2378d ago

Frame dips, video tearing, no anti aliasing, Gears of war 3 is all I need in 2011. Sales is all that matters.

rjdofu2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

@da_2pacalypse: LOL and how many quality exclusives the box has this year so far? like 1?
Do me a favour and go to metacritic to see how many PS3 exclusives are above 85.

BootyBandit2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

WTF was this turned into an opinion piece. This is just a list of games. There is no opinion to be found. This is an article, period!

signed, Gamerz411

Dannagar2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

First off, I have both consoles. So, I can care less who has the most exclusives. None the less, I just finished playing Radiant Silvergun on my Xbox 360. Second, I noticed Tomb Raider Trilogy. I've owned all Three Tomb Raiders for my Xbox 360 for years now.

On the flip side, I've purchased a ton of PSone games off the PSN. Most of them aren't available on XBLA. This is just a bunch of FanBoy crap. Most people don't have enough money to buy every exclusive anyway.

Balcrist2378d ago

It doesn't matter because Skyrim comes out on all platforms worth mentioning...

insomnium22378d ago

Using Metacritic:

Games (exclusive + multiplats) either with or above 85 points average only included (since it really is pointless to inflate your list with "garbage"):

All time:

PS3 119 games
X360 122 games

Games released after 01.01.2007 using same criteria:

PS3 118 games
X360 108 games

Games released after 01.01.2008 using same criteria:

PS3 105 games
X360 90 games

Games released after 01.01.2009 using same criteria:

PS3 82 games
X360 68 games

Games released after 01.01.2010 using same criteria:

PS3 50 games
X360 45 games

Games released after 01.01.2011 using same criteria:

PS3 16 games
X360 14 games

The same kind of rule applies if you make searches withy 80 and above points average. Only difference is in all time category with x360 having slighty more games than with 85 points.

I did this investigation to use as you wish.

Blogz4Fanboys2378d ago

if you need hits for your shit web/blog-site, then you only need to write a quick blog about ps3/360.

it's so simple to leech hits from n4g.

even though this very same topic gets discussed day in day out,there is normally a blog about this every two or three days, and in nearly every 360 article there are numerous n4g faithfuls who say this. this shit is still almost a daily feature.

dont just disagree, be honest, is there anyone on here that needs to see these comparisons every other day????

NeloAnjelo2378d ago

Some companies think paying for timed exclusives or exclusive DLC makes up for not releasing actual games! Its a lazy strategy and a kick in the face to those who bought the consoles.

The_Con-Sept2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Why are people having such a hard time saying PlayStation 3? It is not like it is a bad word or something horrible like that. Why is it so hard to just say it? What? You can't hardly believe it? Come on. Blurt it out and get it out of your system. It is okay to say PlayStation 3....

And @Blogz4Fanboys: Back in 2008 to 2009 Xbox extremists couldn't get enough of such articles like this that "hailed" the xbox for having so many exclusives. Fanboys even made youtube videos about it. So much for "PS3 has no games" huh? /F

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Tanir2378d ago

lmao i think its hard to name more than 3 exclusives 360 had this year....lets see......gears 3 (nice), forza, (nice for racer fans) a stump for the 3rd game........unless i start counting all the shovelware kinect stuff. any help plz???

ChrisW2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

The level of modestness concerning this article compels me to say:

"Oh yeah!?! Well... my weewee is bigger! So there!!!"

Danniel12378d ago

Ignore the haters, i think modestness is a graet word!

ChrisW2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Well... 'modestness' is a valid word in the English language.

Saladfax2378d ago

Everything's bloody valid in this bucktoothed, bastard child we call a language.

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caperjim2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Its amazing that we are actually comparing PS3 to Xbox 360 this generation. If this was last gen there would be no competition. PS2 ruled. The original Xbox didnt have a chance. Microsoft came a long way this generation with the xbox brand.

I do agree that the PS3 has more exclusives this year.

DebateMaster2378d ago

trying to spin things around buddy?

r212378d ago

agreed, they did well this gen.

jneul2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

no they still compared xbox 1 to ps2, nice try, although we all know the outcome for that one and for this one lets just say its all tipping to ps3's way
ps it helps to have more exclusives especially if they are varied like ps3 games, that way no-one goes without their gaming fix as we all have our different tastes, as for xboxers guess all they get is fps/tps/racer games for this year, lets not mention kinect games they are a abomination

JaredH2378d ago

Why do people care this much about exclusive games? I buy more multiplatform games than exclusives even though I own a ps3. If the amount of exclusives mattered that much why isn't the ps3 selling the most consoles. Do people always have to compare exclusives every year just so they can say "mines bigger than yours?"

Silly gameAr2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

You remember those lists comparing exclusives that constantly came out not to long ago when the "PS3 had no games"? The people who made those list cared. It seems like they don't care to much now in days.

JaredH2378d ago

So what you're implying that I'm an xbox fanboy? That makes a lot of sense since I just picked up Resistance 3 and have been loving it after being disappointed with R2's single player? I'm actually interested in video games as an industry as well as it being a hobby as mine and I'm just trying to say that why isn't the ps3 selling more than everything else if the amount of exclusives it has matters so much to people. I think it just matters to hardcore fanboys who have the "mine's bigger than yours," mentality and that's why xbox fanboys were like that as well.

tplarkin72378d ago

The exclusive content is weak for both consoles.

wooferine2378d ago

Jared, the answer to your question about why the PS3's greater number of exclusives has not translated into superior sales I think lies in the fact that there are many factors that impact sales numbers other than the amount of exclusives.

For example, the price differential between the PS3 and Xbox 360 this generation has played a large role in why the PS3 hasn't outstripped the Xbox 360 in sales. The Xbox 360 also had a one year head start in sales.

Another factor may have been the quality of the initial PS3 games compared to their Xbox 360 counterparts. Progamming for the PS3 was more difficult for developers to learn, which resulted in game quality issues with the first round of PS3 games (the multi-platform ones -- and Lair). I'm sure there are more factors that could be listed.

In fact exclusives may well be driving sales but could be masked by other factors that are detracting from sales, e.g., the price differential I mentioned before.

Just food for thought.

Why o why2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )


Exclusives are games. Extra games. Gamers like games, more games. It being exclusive can be used as a beating stick but they are extra games to play and from what i understand...we are gamers not accountants. Im in this for me and i like games more than sales figures as i get nothing from those sales figures. So heres a recap, the more games to chose from the better especially if many of them are varied in genre and of a good quality. You sound pissed people are actually celebrating something that actually matters more to gamers than sales....the hint is in the name 'gamers'.

Silly gameAr2378d ago

I didn't say you were an xbox fanboy, just speaking in general. I was just pointing out how we used to see list comparing exclusives when they were all the rage, now they're pretty rare.

It wasn't really directed at you. Sorry about that.

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FamilyGuy2378d ago

What's REALLY bad is that MOST, almost all, of the PS3 exclusives are noteworthy and out of MSs 14 games 6 are ones I've never heard of.

princejb1342378d ago

i lol at the sesame street in the xbox360 side

showtimefolks2378d ago

i don't want to make a list because than many will disagree and xbox360 fanboys will say they didn't care about half of those games.

or how each of them didn't sell 10 million plus.

heavy rain sold over 2 million to date. Alan wake didn't do half that why? both were great games. Here is why on playstation side of things gamers have more options to choose from games wise while with xbox360 its the same games over and over again. and Unless its halo,COD or gears xbox360 owners don't run to store to buy other xbox360 exclusives.

a game like ratchet does over a million but RARE'S LAST GAME NUTS AND BOLTS didn't do that well.

we can all beat around the bushes but no one will can touch sony's exclusives and i know i sound like a fanboy. I am not its just that after a slow start in 2006-2007 they have picked up the pace more than any other console maker

callahan092377d ago

The really sad thing about this list is that the first exclusive of 2011 for the 360 according to this list was released in SEPTEMBER. That's nearly an entire year with no exclusives? The PS3 already had 15 (more than the entire list for 360) before September.

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Mrmagnumman3572378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

im sorry but isn't this obvious ? PS3 has too many exclusives, sony wonders why most exclusives dont sell 5 million, its because we aren't all rich, or dont want to buy maybe 12 games every year, thats 700$!!!

timjking2378d ago

Personally the only Sony exclusive out this year is Uncharted 3. Not really bothered about the others

rjdofu2378d ago

"Personally the only Sony exclusive out this year is Uncharted 3." LOL what? Don't mix your opinion with fact dude. Seriously some people are just... LOL.

timjking2378d ago

I'm not mixing my opinion with fact... it's my opinion. I'm not saying there's loads on the Xbox I'm excited about either. Most of the games I want Battlefield, F1, PES, Assassins Creed are multi-format. But thanks

takohma2377d ago

Well you kind of did mix your opinion with fact by saying U3 is the only exclusive out. When you should have said it's the only exclusive you care about. But I get what your saying.

mcstorm2378d ago

I have to agree with you here. There have been alot of games out ive wanted so far this year and so far ive not gota ps3 exclusive the mp games i have wanted more than the exclusive i will pick lbp2 kz3 and ms3 up at some poi t but this year has been massive on games and the end of the year is looking like that too. Sony need to slow down alittle with the exclusives. Yes ms dont have as many but i bet the top 3 forza halo and gears out sell all the ps3 exclusive games this year. I think ms havethe timing of there exclusives right and sony dont.

Jensen2378d ago

so just having three to four exclsuives a year is proper timing...?

pixelsword2378d ago

Yeah, but it's not even about slowing down in a way; they have months of dry space, than cram a bunch of exclusives out of the door. I hate that because like for shooters, for example, would have been nice if they didn't put R3 and UC3 within a month of each other.

RBdrift2378d ago

its actually closer to 2 months but who's counting.

2v12378d ago

I just pickup INFAMOUS 2
no bad for a exclusive.

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jke822378d ago

its all about value and that lifespan sony touts about the ps3, all of these exclusives will help in the long run of the consoles life...while xbox 720 and ps4 will be dukeing it out ps3 will sit quietly in the background continueing to generate revenue for sony from all those ps3 exclusives that people continue to support long after the consoles lifetime...mean while the 360 will be dumped lost and forgotten while ms screams on the hill tops GO 720 GO!!!!

i mean shit for reference look at the ps2....still going................

mcstorm2378d ago

I agree it is about the life span but I dont think MS will drop the 360 like they did the Xbox because of how many consoles they they have sold and they can push it with Kinect as a cheaper console for the none core.

I like that sony support there consoles for 10 years but I can see both MS and sony supporting there current gen consoles for more than 10 years because of the way the industry is now and what both the PS3 and 360 offer in terms of none gaming.

Criminal2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Well, all I have to say LBP 2, Infamous 2, and Uncharted 3.

Mgs4isOverrated2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

That's what this article should focus more on. Good quality games like those you listed. Quality is way more important.

Guys, it's not about the quantity. If I buy 100 lbs of dog crap is it better than buying 2 lbs of gold?

Jensen2378d ago

that literally made no sense ...atleast not to me...

pixelsword2378d ago

That's the problem with your statement, MGS4;

Sony has both quality and quantity.

The only thing you can do is try to take as many 360 exclusives and then cut down the PS3 exclusives to the same number and then say "that's truly how many 'quality' PS3 exclusives there are" and then declare that they're equal.

See through you, I can.

Mgs4isOverrated2378d ago

Actually, i'd go as far as to say that the quality from the two are NOT equal. One has very mediocre games that solely revolve around graphics. I dont want to say which one cus i'm afraid i'll offend some kids here.

In the end, it doesn't matter. The PC always has the best in quality and especially quantity.

2v12378d ago

that y mine main game is GT5

pixelsword2378d ago

@ MGS4,

list these mediocre games, please...

and while you're at it, list those numerous quality PC games.

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Mrmagnumman3572378d ago

You forgot KZ3, resistance 3

Criminal2378d ago

Of course, but I didn't need them. ;)

There's too many good games so the three I listed should do fine.

MattyF2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Where is: Otomedius Excellent, Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports 2, Kinect Disneyland, PowerUp Heroes, and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster? That's just a small helping of games releasing this year on 360 exclusively that are not mentioned.

It may not sway the outcome, but at least include the games instead of leaving them out of the exclusive listing.

MattyF2378d ago

It doesn't matter whether you care for the games or not. It's a list showing the 'Exclusives' of the year on the system. Leaving them out isn't correct and paints a biased view.

DragonKnight2378d ago

It's not about me caring about the games or not. For one, if you looked at the lists, only one "casual motion game" was included for each console. If you wanted to include all the "not worth mentioning" titles, we'd be here all day. Second, again, the games are not worth mentioning. Sesame Street Kinect? Really?

SilentNegotiator2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Well, if you insist that we include EVERY game...
Yaris 2, Dance Time, Parasite Eve 2 rerelease, 怒っている猿の楽しい時間 import.....

tickticktick2378d ago

You can't count Kinect games because PS3 fanboys won't allow it. If you did the list would not be in their favor. Games are games.

room4142378d ago

if you want to include the casual motion controlled games you could also list Carnival Island, Everybody Dance and Eyepet and Friends for ps3